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I just wanted to say a HUGE  thank you for all your support this year!   Kylie Johnson Art has embraced much love with many wonderful doors opening, along with many beautiful connections/new friends and Stockists.

I’d love to offer you our XMAS CODE to receive a discount on all orders to simply say THANK YOU!

PLUS also Id like to offer a gentle reminder to lovingly embrace the festive season when practicing mindfulness!

MINDFULNESS is simply being aware of whats happening in the present moment.  When we are in tune with our senses and surroundings.  A place where we are completely living in the moment without judgement or thinking about the past or future. December is an essential time to practice mindfulness especially during this often chaotic lead up to Christmas!   We all need a little reminder to take a moment to breathe, centre ourselves back to the present and enjoy the Festive season! Remembering as kids it was our favourite time right? Well we are the role models to keep that FESTIVE POSITIVE, EXCITABLE VIBE for our little ones to treasure, remember and follow!

Practicing mindfulness can be done in several ways.

As many of you may already practice or would like to practice Mindfulness.   Our suggested way is through –  Mindfulness meditation.  Ideally daily for just 5-20 mins a day.  Using any FREE apps works a treat and is a great introduction to this space!

May I suggest a few below or simply find free ones you like in your App Store  –

https://www.headspace.com/ meditation-101/what-is- meditation
https://www.smilingmind.com. au/smiling-mind-app
https://www.kinderling.com.au/ kinderling-kids-radio-app

I find personally when my 8 year old daughter sees me practicing she grabs the phone and switches to a kids one such as Kinderling! 🙂

After all… its not what we say to do, its what we do ourselves that they follow!

My other mindfulness ritual is of course anything creative! Painting, drawing, colouring and crafting!

The simple, no mess and portable solution especially for travel, cafes or anywhere you want to find some calm and SCREEN FREE time is – COLOURING!   My go to anytime anywhere.

Pick up a discounted copy this season!  Mindfulness Colouring with Affirmations for Kids and Adults is the PERFECT Christmas gift for ages 5 to teens & adults!

104 perforated pages to connect and colour.  Finish a piece of art together and pull out the perforated pages to frame!

Practice Positive Self-Talk & Mindfulness with your littles these holidays!   Pages filled with  Inspiring messages and Affirmations.  Proven to lift your mood and fill up kids much needed attention bucket!   Mindfulness colouring and affirmations has been Endorsed by health practiioners for kids and adults mental health.   Increasing confidence, self esteem and self awareness and self love.   Ideal for anyone suffering depression, anxiety and stress or for those that simply want to reconnect in the present moment.

Do yourself a favour – UNPLUG and Re-connect with your loved ones this season!  Please feel free to post or send photos of these moments.  We LOVE hearing about your experiences and feelings during these times. You can also leave your comments below in this blog.

ENTER CODE XMAS30%  to receive your Xmas Discount NOW!

Sending lots of love and self-awareness to you and your loved ones this Xmas!

Don’t forget to select one of Kylie Johnson Art’s special cards to go with your purchase!


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