A thankful heart is a happy heart.  Being thankful doesn’t always come easy but having an attitude of gratitude can change your outlook on life and bring happiness to your heart!

When you intentionally notice all that you’re grateful for you simply feel happier and experience more joy.  Isn’t that how we all want to feel??  

Gratitude can also be a magnet to miracles especially when you make it your daily ritual!!  Some days you just seem to attract so much goodness as a result!  I journal this and embrace this proven superpower daily. 

Did you know the first thought you have can determine your mood and how your day unfolds?  Make your first thoughts your BEST!

Start your day with the right vibe! 

Here’s some inspiration to kick start your gratitude practice:

  • A friend or loved one that has your back.
  • a warm hug
  • laughing or receiving a smile from someone
  • your home
  • an act of self-love reading a book or taking a bubble bath.
  • hearing your children laugh
  • being able to walk, talk, see, hear and communicate
  • the sound of birds chirping early
  • your warm safe bed

Just acknowledging any of these helps you to be more “mindful” and enjoy more joyous moments each and every day. 

This is why I have placed GRATITUDE into every single mindset resource created.  Check out the new online program which includes a lesson on gratitude for families.