Affirmations simply work! Just by affirming positive and encouraging words to yourself  “even if you don’t believe them” helps to rewire your very important  “subconscious brain”. Affirmations are powerful and used by athletes, entrepreneurs, personal development, and any average person!    With this knowledge, starting this habit young should be part of our children’s “life skill toolbox” don’t you think??? Imagine if this was in the school curriculum! 🙂   Well, the good news is “A growth mindset” is now being taught to some schools!  this is “Affirmations – Positive self-talk”!

Firstly What’s the difference between your “conscious” and “subconscious” part of the brain and how can we help to eliminate any limiting beliefs??

Sadly we all have these limiting beliefs, the stories we play over in our minds often without awareness, help us to sabotage our own hopes and dreams! This all gets sorted and stored during our childhood!   Especially between ages 1-7!

Conscious mind 5-10%:

  • Your present mind takes in all your “in the moment” experiences and emotions.
  • Logical thinking
  • Will Power
  • Short term memory.
  • the sole purpose to interact with the physical world

Subconscious mind 90%: 

  • Long term memory
  • beliefs and limiting beliefs.
  • eating, breathing, all that we do on auto-pilot
  • self-worth / self-belief

Neuroscience has shown that most of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behaviour depend on the 95 percent of brain activity that lies beyond conscious awareness, (our subconscious) meaning that 95 % of your life comes from the programming in your subconscious mind!   YIKES!!!

The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data. Its job is to ensure that you respond exactly the way you are programmed. Your subconscious mind makes everything you say and do fit a pattern consistent with your self-concept.    Children do this all the time!!  I see my own daughter and it’s heartbreaking watching these patterns repeat! 🙁


How Long Does It Take To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind?

“The Law of Attraction”  (what you think about you bring about)  and  “The Subconscious Mind” are the keys to manifest your dreams and achieve success in life.

The key to successfully using the law of attraction is doing practices that can help you reprogram your subconscious mind. Practices like Affirmations, Gratitude, and visualisation help!

Like any new habit it’s known within just 21-28 days you create change.   Even within 7 days, you find a habit starts to stick!   Like going to the gym you need to keep going to stay fit.  The same applies to drinking water as a new habit (like me now addicted!) or noticing your self-talk and where your mood ends up!  Make self-awareness your new habit!   Affirmations in the morning work best.   Listening to meditation with affirmations at night is also powerful!


I seriously nearly fell over myself with this incredibly interesting information “that our words have such power” when I begin my own healing journey!!!!   I realised why I had attracted to an unhealthy marriage, lacked confidence in “some areas of my life” due to my own stories playing over in my subconscious mind!  Even though I thought I was super confident living the dream life traveling the world!!  ummmmmmmm boom!!  It all plays out in our adult years!

After much research  I literally was mortified to realise that my little girl and all the children of the world needed to realise their words had such power, ultimately setting up their lives!   As a mother your saying NO…. cringing inside as you hear their self-doubt and criticism.  🙁

In my view “I had now been gifted with this knowledge” and beyond my own control, I spent the past 8 years creating mindset resources!!   It really feels like it’s a life purpose and not about the money!!  lol trust me spending a year designing my first mindfulness colouring with affirmations book, was for the love and passion to help children learn affirmations!

I’ve created 4 ways to at least assist parents and educators with fun and engaging tools.   The wellbeing gift packs and now the online course.

It is my belief that children learn most of their behaviours and habits from the teachers in school and the carers at home hence my resources are designed for both to use.

During Covid lockdown, I went into Creative Lockdown to create an online wellbeing program that can help both Educators and Parents to teach powerful superpowers such as Mindfuness, Mindset, Gratitude & kindness.  Which can all be found here under program .

“What we think we become”.

Hugs K xx