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Julie Krawczynski- Adelaide Mum

How lucky we were to find “Shining light an amazing small business”.
We have a special needs boy who is 9 & any small changes in routine can result in anxiety, behavioural changes & meltdowns. This has become our “happy, no worries” kit. The journal is amazing, it has pages dedicated to positive mindset, exploring your feelings and moods and breathing techniques to calm, in a relatable way for children. We all LOVE the little box of Super Power cards, we pull one each week, hang it on the fridge and refer to it daily. The Worry Doll is with him most days, he takes it to school with him and it’s really helped to make the mornings less stressful for him. We have seen such a difference in the regularity of his anxiety, with him recognizing when he needs to take some deep breaths to regulate, using the journal helps him understand himself too. Thanks so much xx

What the professionals say


Absolutely fantastic experience. Kylie was fun, professional and made the night a massive success. We’re already planning another event with her in the New Year. My artwork now hangs in the Louvre I highly recommend it.

Claudia Callisto
Owner of Shining Light - Helping Provide Light & Positive Inspiration to others

I absolutely love the “The Little box of Super Power” by kylie johnsonart
These beautifully designed boxed sets of super power cards are simply magical.
Each morning when I randomly select my affirmation card the right message magically appears for me on that day and helps me redefine my mindset in that moment. The practice of daily positive affirmations has allowed me to feel more inspired, energised and at the same time more grounded.
The cards are also visually beautiful in colour and each card has its own unique art work.
These super power affirmation cards are a great daily practice as they have a definite positive impact on our wellbeing and overall health.
I highly recommend this product range for both children and adults.

Daniela Falecki
Director Teacher Wellbeing

“I love any opportunity to be still, quiet and connect to my own self. These resources help me do this with great self care reminders”

Lea Waters

Mindfulness is a key tool that can be used to create the gentle and accepting kind of awareness that bonds a parent and child together. This beautiful book, with affirmations for both adults and kids, will bring peace and colour into your family home. Enjoy!

Suzy Green
Founder & CEO, The Positivity Institute/Psychologist

Mindfulness colouring book

Mindfulness is increasingly referred to as the foundation of a flourishing life. Whilst children naturally appear to be more mindful than adults, there are times when a mindful activity for children can provide a breathing space for both children and parents. There’s also increasing scientific support for the use of mindfulness highlighting the significant benefits for both children and adults. Kylie has created a beautiful mindful colouring book with positive affirmations that will encourage children and adults to be more mindful and optimistic and experience an increased sense of calm, which is now more than ever required in our busy lives. My hope is that it will also help families to flourish.

Super Powers and Colouring Cards

We love Kylie Johnson’s beautiful products for children and families. They’re based on the scientific principles of mindfulness and positivity and are great resources for a school explicitly teaching these skills to children or for parents who want to cultivate greater levels of mindfulness, optimism and self-esteem with their children and in their homes.

Jac Payne
Registered Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Kylie’s Mindful Affirmations Colouring book offers something unique to the known psychological benefits of colouring in, adding the powerful adjunct of affirmations, or positive self talk. My work with children and adolescents has shown how this simple exercise of engaging with a parent/carer in an activity of mindfulness can be hugely beneficial in developing the life skill of emotional regulation. Treat your child, and yourself, to the wonder of mindfulness and the power of positive self talk with this inspirational resource.

Judy Hatswell
Educational Psychologist and Training Consultant

A young person with a strong and powerful self-concept is even more important today than it has ever been before. Building the feelings of self worth whilst having fun colouring and repeating affirmations is a unique strategy for parents and child to bond and further develop attachment that is vital for building resilience, risk taking and future success. The mindfulness technique of quietly creating a beautiful visual while constantly seeing the words that have deep meaning enable a calmness in the young person and adult that is so necessary in the busy day to day life. This is just as important for the adult as it is for the child.

As a grandma and great aunty it will be wonderful to have another strategy to have meaningful time with each special young person in a calm relaxed atmosphere. I am grateful to Kylie for developing a resource that I can use to build that important bond with the important young people in my life.

Monique Daal

I love the book that Kylie has created! As a developmental psychologist, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of good role-modeling. Children typically don’t listen to what we say but watch what we do. How wonderful when we can provide them with tools to help them calm their minds, dealing with stress, to become aware of their inner world and connect with their emotions. Practising mindfulness is a skill that children can easily learn, just like learning how to ride a bike. With these wonderful colouring pages, practising mindfulness together is fun!

Andrew Jordan Nance
Founder of Mindful Arts San Francisco

Kylie has created such a lovely gift for the world! What an imaginative and beautiful gift for adults and children to remember the principles of mindfulness. Inviting mindfulness to be fun and playful is a smart way to fully engage all of us, and Kylie has done just that!

Susan Rudd
Re Mindfulness Facilitator & Teacher

As a primary school teacher for 35 years and a facilitator for children’s Mindfulness and Meditation programs, I see Kylie’s Mindfulness Colouring with Affirmations book being a wonderful creative reference resource for our classes .The chosen affirmations fit in beautifully with our kids mindfulness sessions . Well done Kylie your illustrations are delightful.

Ash Manuel
Creator/Founder at Growing With Gratitude

Mindfulness is a gift. Kylie has created a super fun gift for children and parents to help practise mindfulness. Colouring and affirmations is a perfect combination to allow children and parents to push negative thoughts aside and be in the present moment. It’s easy to imagine a child and parent together enjoying such a calming activity. I also love the fact Gratitude is a key affirming message used within her book. Kylie has provided such a wonderful opportunity with this unique creation.

Georgina Manning
Founder of Well Being for Kids

Kylie’s Mindfulness colouring book is a beautiful resource for families. It provides a gentle structure for parents and children to join together to experience informal mindfulness together in a fun and positive way. I will definitely be recommending this book and her resources to the families and schools I work with. In a society that is filled with huge amounts of screen time and disconnection from others, this beautiful resource helps to bring parents and children together to connect in a meaningful way, opening up communication and opportunities for meaningful discussion. Most importantly it helps families to have time to ‘just be’, being fully present which gives families time to calm down and rejuvenate.

What the parents say


What a beautiful experience to share with my 8yr old daughter and her friends! A safe and supportive space to reconnect with your creativity and yourself in gorgeous surrounds. With Kylie’s guidance we all produced artworks to be proud of and loved the process & a new way to relax !


My daughter had a blast with Kylie at her art class and made some new friends. Beautiful venue and Kylie was so kind, patient and very inviting. My daughter was nervous before we arrived but quickly felt comfortable and out came her full personality. Thank you Kylie for a wonderful experience.

Jen Uine

We used the super power-deck tonight and it was beautiful. Olivia(6) had two cards fall out for her which were Friendship and Forgiveness and she said “I file like popping because these cards are telling the truth!” She was so excited and was tucked into bed so so happy. Jewel(8) had two cards fall out for her as well which were Confidence and Connection and it brought up some stuff for her and I’m so excited to help her regress and heal from her pains related to these superpowers. Jewel was amazing at articulating what she understood self-esteem to mean and what a growth mindset meant to her. Wish you were to witness it all. THANK YOU for creating such a power house product to share with the world.

You are amazing x We love you! The girls also LOVED the prints and colours, Clearly stoked
xx Jen

Renee McDonald
Class Artz Academy

As a primary school teacher with over 20 years’ experience, I have found that incorporating mindfulness activities in the classroom has helped to reduce the students’ stress and anxiety, along with improving their concentration and engagement. I recently extended this practice into my art teaching and used Kylie’s SuperPower card deck to help unleash a child’s creative potential. The beautifully illustrated SuperPower cards set the tone of the session, and Kylie’s easy-to-follow prompts helped the students settle into a flow of freedom and curiosity with different art materials. Her entire range of colouring-in books, cards, affirmation prints and complete lesson plans have had a great impact on my students and I’m sure would be a welcomed addition to any teacher’s classroom tool kit.

Karina Davis
Bethany Catholic Primary School Glenmore Park

As a primary school teacher for the past 13 years and currently working in the learning support team these affirmation cards have been a success. The super power concept has been appealing for children and as we know words are quite powerful so the “I am “, “I can” and “I will” statements have promoted the importance of positiveness. These cards can be utilised in many different ways as a focus of the week, or a focus a day or as a quick 5 minute brain break in the classroom. Now putting my mum hat on I have used these cards in my children’s lunch boxes to hopefully uplift their spirits for the day. What a great concept Kylie in trying to help our little minds become more mindful and ultimately have a growth mindset in order to be more resilient.



My daughter and I absolutely love this colouring book you have created. Your creativity, positivity and love is evident in every beautiful illustration and affirmation. It’s such a wonderful resource to bring parents and children closer together and to have some breathing space in this busy world of ours. I think it is so important to encourage our children to be aware of their inner worlds, and to create loving and safe places for them to reflect on their thoughts and emotions. Practicing mindfulness is such a wonderful tool and this unique and inspiring book helps build their self esteem and positive thinking with colour and creativity. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource for me to share with my daughter.

Ris Gerrard

Absolutely blown away by your creativity, love, passion and mindfulness that has gone into your amazing Book beautiful Kyles! I know I will be reading these amazing affirmations and making the connection with my babies through colouring and reading. These special moments will be truly treasured and teach my kids to be beautiful from the inside out. They will teach them selves love, care, honesty, trust, peace, consideration and most of all Calmness away from devices. In literally half an hour in receiving my hand delivered books I have 3 kids colouring, learning and quiet as a mouse. Dream come true!! Keep being the most Gorgeous human being you are Kyles and share this love of yours more and more! I can’t recommend her book enough!


This book is so wonderful for my boys and I to relax and come together as a family especially on a Sunday breaky outing! I found the colouring to be therapeutic and calming for us all. I love how it brought the right time to discuss positive affirmations and help them to understand positive words and their meanings. What a fab idea! I’ll be using this after work and school as our daily ritual together! I noticed the much needed connection away from iPads.. Thank you Kylie, much gratitude.