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Local Mum, Author and Artist Kylie Johnson chats with Ann Warren about her inspirational book called MINDFULNESS COLOURING With AFFIRMATIONS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS.


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Northern Beaches Mums

With 14% of Australian children aged between four and 17 having mental-health problems, and one in 10 children experiencing intense anxiety at some point during their childhood, teaching mindfulness to children has become a way to teach them to better deal with stress and anxiety.

Research shows that mindfulness training in children increases connectivity in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is linked to improved attention, memory processing and decision-making abilities. Mindfulness training increases children’s ability to self-regulate their emotions, especially those difficult emotions such as fear and anger!

Local Bayview artist and author, Kylie Johnson has aimed to do just that with her new book, Mindfulness colouring with affirmation for kids and adults. Kylie created this book after a few traumatic experiences in her own life including multiple rounds of IVF, the loss of her marriage and her mother passing simultaneously, left her in a place where she was searching for solace and healing. She found the practice of mindfulness and creativity invaluable not only for her but for her young daughter as they came to terms with their new normal. The book is designed to enable loved ones to connect in the present moment together – as well as to bring awareness to children about the power of positivity and the practice of positive self-talk through affirmations.

Jac Payne
Registered Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Kylie’s Mindful Affirmations Colouring book offers something unique to the known psychological benefits of colouring in, adding the powerful adjunct of affirmations, or positive self talk. My work with children and adolescents has shown how this simple exercise of engaging with a parent/carer in an activity of mindfulness can be hugely beneficial in developing the life skill of emotional regulation. Treat your child, and yourself, to the wonder of mindfulness and the power of positive self talk with this inspirational resource.

Andrew Jordan Nance
Founder of Mindful Arts San Francisco

Kylie has created such a lovely gift for the world! What an imaginative and beautiful gift for adults and children to remember the principles of mindfulness. Inviting mindfulness to be fun and playful is a smart way to fully engage all of us, and Kylie has done just that!

Mindfulness Colouring With Affirmations for Kids and Adults.


Mindfulness Colouring with Affirmations for Kids and Adults has been designed for all ages to de-stress, relax and be “present” together. 

It’s a much-needed tool to simply break away from busy routines and take time out with your kids, and the perfect way to get off your devices and explore your own creativity whilst feeling connected again.  These are indeed the moments that count.

Enjoy 104 pages of colouring with positivity!


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