Which one are you?  Which one will your children be?   Or let me rephrase that…

Which one will you “all” be moving forward?

I can tell you from my first-hand experience that the power of visualisation and vision boards work!

I know the power of visualisation through my own dreams coming true when I was 25 years old, and many more after that.   I also know the power to using vision boards to gain clarity and find direction when I was lost!  Using both our imagination which is “visualisation” and “vision boards” helps us to manifest our dream life!

I feel quite passionate about this purely because so many of my dreams have come true by using these techniques “naturally” and “intentionally” to get myself back on track.   For those of you that know me you’d know that I love to share all that I learn from my own healing journey!  Well vision boards are a big one!

In brief visualisation comes from our imagination.  I know when I was determined to model in HK, I pretty much talked about it as if I was already there!  I felt it… my bags were already packed as far as I was concerned..  So at age 25 I packed up my bags landed in HK not knowing a soul.   I had a list of agencies to join and some how I found my way around with a map and joined 13 agencies within 2 days!    Determination, a passion along with a very clear vision got me there.

Boom!  Hello world!  I’m living my dream!!!    HK launched me onto so much more… but mosty into the playground of expats!  A field of well educated, inspiring entrepreneurs!  Needless to say life was changed for good.  Ruined? Ha ha maybe a little.

In short, years later I married late in life which ended in divorce and mum passed all at the same time!   Having an inbuilt thirst for anything around “psychology” I booked in to many sessions so that I could get my head right again!   I also booked into a life coach that was not cheap.  She suggested that I do a vision board!   “This will help you to gain clarity and direction and reinstall the hope and excitement you once had”!   She also pointed out that I had actually already done “vision boards” in my own head!!  She took one look at the life I had before my marriage and she could see the power of my own “dreams and visions” coming true!

I know by really taking the time to think about my strengths and wishes for the future a Vision board helped immensely.   So many things on that first dream board were ticked off within the first year!

I believe doing one yourself is powerful but I also believe creating vision boards with your children gets amazing results along with the following benefits.

  • To reconnect you and your children more in the moment together.
  • To gain clarity as a family about your individual dreams.
  • To help you all to manifest your best life together as a team.
  • strengthening your bond along with a deeper understanding to each others hopes, strengths and dreams.

Check out my new “online program” that includes a step by step vision board with family.

Dream big! xx