It’s so important to help children develop confidence young so they can grow into courageous adults ready to face any life challenge and live out their dreams.   

Growing Your Children’s Self-Esteem through Love and connection is vital for their self-worth. 

When parents ask, “How can I grow my children’s self-esteem and confidence?”, my answer is to of course encourage them to do challenging things. This will not only build confidence and resilience but at the same time always give them loads of love and your undivided attention more often!   Love and attention build self-esteem!

Psychologists advise giving your child at least 20 mins a day of your “undivided attention”  helps them to feel worthy and develop their own self-love. This can mean engaging in a mindful activity without interruptions. 

A parents PRESENT mind builds self-worth!  

How many of us didn’t feel heard as a child? Our parents’ generation was around a child being seen and not heard! These days, it’s proven that when you give your child a chance to have a “voice” this results in a much more confident adult!

Our biggest challenge in this generation is to spend less time on screen devices and crazy busy routines and more time being present with children!   

This is why I designed my first book so you can share those special moments with your children and at the same time the “mindfulness aspect” relieves stress, anxiety, and depression! It helps me!!  Any type of Art is therapy!!

In addition, art is a way to develop our children’s creativity which brings confidence and relieves anxiety!  Reminding them that all art is unique therefore any self-judgment should quickly be removed!   (same goes for adults!)  Creativity is vital for all ages and is allows your imagination to have fun. 

So book in time to spend with children so you can embrace more Love – Connection – Creativity  

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