I’m Kylie – an Author and an Artist and single mum living on the northern beaches in NSW with my beautiful dad and 10-year-old daughter.

When my daughter was almost three-years-old, I went through a stressful divorce leaving an unhealthy marriage that was bringing me down.

At the same time, my mother passed away.

It was then that my own healing journey began.

My creative gifts and a strong interest in positive psychology were ignited. I designed a kid’s clothing range with inspirational messages called Meemini. I learned more about mindset and positive psychology from psychologists, various seminars and personal development books. I wanted  to learn as much as I could to heal myself from within.

I found having hope, purpose, inspiration and creativity got me through the challenges I was facing.

It was also at this time that I created vision boards and more of my dreams came to life. I used my vision boards to reignite my passions and self-love and to further understand the power of a positive mindset and gratitude. They helped magnify abundance into my life along with courage and determination.

I realised the power that words and thoughts had on my life – good and bad. I had lived out dreams at a young age with an abundant mindset traveling the world for years as a model, but something had changed along the way.

I’d lost my self-worth.
I’d lost my self-confidence.
I’d lost ‘me’.

I also began to realise the comments from our childhood get subconsciously programmed and form patterns into our adult years in our beliefs about ourselves.  I became passionate about finding ways to help children know their thoughts and words have power – providing them with tools and techniques to create positive mindset shifts – something I never knew about when I was younger.

My mission is to nurture confidence and self-belief in children so they grow up to be courageous adults, committed to following their dreams.

I’m also committed to reminding adults about their own self-worth and how powerful their mindset can be in making big shifts in their lives.

I now realise gratitude and an abundance mindset was what attracted so much good into my life.

I discovered that, for me, painting was peaceful and the mindfulness practice that helped me through stress and depression. It placed me on the path to healing. When my daughter joined me in this peaceful state of mind, we connected and bonded more in the present moment.

This is what led me to create my first book, ‘Mindfulness Colouring with Affirmations’. The book is for parents and children to be more present and positive together.

More recently I published a card deck around mindset and important life skills for all ages. These Super Power card decks encompass my own life experiences and in-depth research.

These 36 Super Powers are my way of helping children become more aware of how to feel good about themselves and the world around them. My current resources are created for mental health and wellbeing and are used as tools by teachers, families, psychologists, therapists, social workers and wellness facilitators.

My vision is that schools and families can teach In a synchronised way using the Super Power Cards around strengths, using the matching Super Power Lesson Plans. My Super Power creativity and mindfulness course for families will also complement this.

My aim is to find creative, screen-free and fun ways for parents to connect with kids aged 5-12 years. My resources help increase self-worth and self-esteem in children of all ages and help families integrate gratitude, kindness and connectedness into their daily routine.

With much love and gratitude,