I’m Kylie – an Author and an Artist and single mum living on the northern beaches in NSW with my beautiful dad and 11-year-old daughter.

When my daughter was almost three-years-old, I went through a stressful divorce and at the same time my mum passed.  Great year that one!!

It was then that my own healing journey began with a whole new life path to take!

My love of creativity and a strong interest in positive psychology were ignited and many wonderful things came together. I designed a kid’s clothing range with inspirational messages called Meemini. I learned more about mindset and positive psychology and published several wellbeing resources using my art for kids and adults mental health.

I found having hope, purpose, inspiration and creativity got me through the challenges I was facing.

It was also at this time that I created vision boards and more of my dreams came to life.

I realised the power that words and thoughts had on my life.  I had lived out dreams at a young age with an abundant mindset traveling the world for years as a model, but after my divorce I realised that positive mindset was tarnished so I had to work on bringing me back.

My mission is to nurture confidence and self-belief in children so they grow up to be courageous adults, committed to following their dreams.

I’m also committed to reminding adults about their own self-worth and how powerful their mindset can be in making big shifts in their lives as I do.

I discovered that, for me, painting was peaceful and the mindfulness practice that helped me through stress and depression. It placed me on the path to healing. When my daughter joined me in this peaceful state of mind, we connected and bonded more in the present moment.

This is what led me to create my first book, ‘Mindfulness Colouring with Affirmations’. The book is for parents and children to be more present and positive together.  Endorsed by several psychologist for families wellbeing.

I then enjoyed publishing my Super Powers card deck, designed for all ages to stay on track with self-talk and self-awareness.   A daily ritual I do for myself and also with my daughter.

After filming and creating my online program for families to learn all that I do in one.  Connect Create Thrive.    I’ve now opened up my business Paint & Sip and Paint and singalong (kids) Classes.  The Bayview Boathouse Art Studio. Where I get to share the magic in painting combined with a therapeutic exclusive environment.   It give me the greatest joy to help all ages to feel the same joy of painting art that I do.   My goal is to give an experience that is memorable and also inspiring to keep up as a creative outlet for life.

With much love and gratitude,