I AM loveable and perfect just the way I am

I CAN say no gently to anything that doesn’t feel right

I WILL make time to do more of what makes me happy


Well here is my take on Self-Love! I know both ends of the stick and by journaling and mindfully taking note to each day for quite some time now. I can safely say “I see when I am at my happiest and when I am not”. I know my daughter feels the ripple effects with both! In fact I confess my days with zero self-love, I often feel low, exhausted and on occasion ready to snap! On the other days when I am doing what I love? I am filled with so much passion, excitement and HUMOUR! Even with the smallest act of kindness to myself, which usually involves some sort of “mindfulness” activity I am more at peace! Happy mum! Happy Human! 🙂

I share with you 3 areas of self love plus 7 tips to inspire YOUR daily acts of Self-love!

Self-love is when we are kind to ourselves and know our core values.  It’s a decision to then make time to schedule our “own needs” into our lives!  It’s giving simple acts of kindness to ourselves, resulting in life balance and a greater sense of happiness!

It’s important to take time out for ourselves. Sometimes we need to actually schedule in the little things to nurture “Me time” and to do more of “what makes us happy”!

Self-love is knowing what you need on a daily basis, and selfishly planning that into your routines.  We spend more time doing selflessness acts on a daily basis running kids around, running a house hold and working jobs, careers or  businesses, or being the full time carer!   Most of us are generally just wanting to help or please others and often find ourselves in a routine rut!

Whatever your day looks like we are usually wired to feeling GUILTY if we actually take time out for ourselves. NORMAL! But the reality is YOU are the most important person in your life.  Without looking after YOURSELF first and your own health, whats left after that? A run down snappy human? (Especially over worked mummies and daddies!)

The secret to happiness is to selfishly take time out to do what we need for ourselves.  That my friend is called Self-Love!  So take the selfishness out of Self-Love and drop the guilt!

When we incorporate self-love into our routines, we can then stop, pause and notice the difference this brings to our mood.   THEN with this awareness we begin to realise the ripple effects that it has across our family and friends.   If we are not filling up our own “self-love tank” then how the hell are we able to give love to others FULL TIME.   Much like the cabin crew on aircraft advise. We must put the oxygen mask on ourselves before we do so on our children. Another words without taking care of yourself first you are going to run out of oxygen!!


Self-love is doing small things like reading a book. Lighting a candle, running a bubble bath when the kids are in bed, doing a hair treatment or face mask. taking a walk in nature, (on sunrise works a treat!) doing an exercise class, having girlfriend therapy! Short mediations, morning rituals before the school routines start. Sports or any “focused activity” ESPECIALLY outdoors is in my opinion mindful therapy!

So start knowing what your core values are in life and making sure you create a life balance to include those DAILY.


Self-love is also about excepting yourself for who you are right now.  Knowing that you are enough and perfect just the way you are. Being more gentle on yourself and letting go of perfectionism, knowing that you are doing your best.  Being aware of how your “inner-voice” is talking to you…  Is it Kind or unkind? Helpful or unhelpful? Encouraging or discouraging?  Having a self-love mindset is your POWER.


Saying NO gently to anything or anyone that your heart tells you to steer clear of!!   Self-love is saying NO gently to things that are not serving you well.  Setting boundaries is crucial and empowering for your own confidence.  Especially if you want to be respected by your kids and anyone that tries to over step your boundary line!


  1. Use this Affirmation and add to your own chosen list. I AM IMPORTANT
  2. Do a SELF-LOVE “hour of Power – morning ritual”
  3. 20 mins Mediate/prayer/mindfulness practices
  4. 20 mins exercise
  5. 20 mins reading or listening to something positive and inspiring
  6. Journal your thoughts & make a gratitude list
  7. Schedule in anything else that makes you happy!

Love yourself and make sure you’re”showing up” as the best version of YOU.

Self-Love is your super power.

Your friends and family will love you more when you are happy!

Have a wonderful day!

May love and gratitude be with you always.

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