Hi everyone!

I hope you’re doing well and settling into this new way of life for now.   My heart goes out to so many struggling across the globe.   We all have our own challenges and story which is why I thought I would share my recent interview with you.   I hope this may give you something to think about & use yourself during these new and challenging times.

I share with you my truth and my journey.   My learnings and my first hand experiences.    I have been on a personal development entrepreneurial journey since my divorce and mum passing at the same time.   So I feel quite passionate about some tools and life skills I have turned to myself when I’ve found myself at the lowest of times.

If you have some time feel free to grab a vino or tea and hear my story.  I’m honest and share why I am so passionate about the power of self belief, creativity, gratitude and a positive growth mindset.

Love & Hugs.

Kylie xx


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