Screen-free Pastime solutions for families to balance out home-learning is paramount right now! I am so happy to see so many Arts & Crafts are being used at this time. I know from my own healing and stress relief Mindfulness activities are a perfect solution and definitely help to divert unhelpful or negative thoughts. More importantly, finding creative ways to connect more in the present moment with children!!
Every time my 10-year-old daughter and I do something creative together our connection and mood is nothing but LOVE & PEACEFUL!
I am giving 16 downloadable pages away for free at sign up so that you can get colouring straight away!
If you find your children are loving the colouring you can download the 104 page Book! $20. Or $24.95 paperback.

Our most popular of course is the 3 resources value packs combined with downloads. I love how kids decide to colour the cards and give as thoughtful gifts to friends and family! I love how the superpower cards are used daily with family and create wonderful positive conversations!

Mothers day is my favourite day! Colouring or painting makes Jasmin & I feel so beautifully connected. My favourite place to get creative is outdoors or with peaceful mediation music.

We plan to go for a long walk, bike ride and grab breaky to bring home. Go out on the boat hopefully to sprinkle roses at my late mother’s special place. Paint, colour and have FUN!

What is your favourite thing to do with your children? I would love to hear!!

Sending you much love & connection on Mothers Day and always!

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Kylie xx

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