What does this Affirmations mean?

Well a whole lot! REAL happiness comes from feeling that we are loved. That we are enough. That we are loveable just the way we are. Loving ourselves whole heartedly. Without this important fundamental belief and the comfort that comes from being loved, we struggle to love ourselves and attract positive life experiences into our own lives!

This is why it is so important for parents to tell their children DAILY where possible that they are LOVED! The simple words “I Love you”. “Do you know how much I love you?” All Have enormous power to children’s self-belief system and self-worth.

I share with you my own experiences around love and of course TIPS around the importance in knowing You and your littles are loved

I can share with you a significant time in my childhood, a memory I have always treasured are the words, feelings and actions around “love” from my late mother.   “Do you know how much I love you”? I could see it in her eyes. In fact they were her last meaningful words to me prior to her stroke that took her speech and personality away.   Then 2 years later she passed. But see how powerful this is to me those last words? That feeling she gave me when asking me if I know just how much she loves me? I did know each time because I felt it!

Words have power!   More importantly the “feeling” that those words bring to us is the reason we remember them.   So don’t underestimate the good and bad “comments” we may say to our children. It’s the feelings created “good and bad” that our children will store in their inner-belief systems & memories!

I remember the loving look in mums eyes, and I know it was a mutual mirror effect! ☺    I grew up knowing that this human loved me beyond words. I can whole heartedly say that her many words of encouragement, uplifted me and forged me forward to living the life of my dreams!   Lol. As she used to say often,” I just live my life through your redonuklously amazing one!” ☺ “spoilt little brat” shed say! With her beautiful sense of humour.

So why not include words of love often to your little ones. Tell them DAILY how much you love them.   How blessed you are to call them your own! Tell them how clever they are and state with effort and practice anything is possible!  Shower them with love and discipline!

Ok I’ve had my rant on that subject!     May I also suggest you start the process of loving yourself too.   Look into the mirror and say the words “I LOVE YOU”! As the renowned self-love affirmations leader and teacher, Louise Hay encourages her healings through  “Mirror work”.

A message from Louise hay herself around the power of LOVE –

Words of Affirmations to use daily –   I LOVE YOU – I AM LOVED

These affirmations are messages to your subconscious that establish habitual ways of thinking and behaving.

Positive affirmations plant healing thoughts and ideas that support you in developing self-confidence and self esteem, and creating peace of mind and inner joy.

The most powerful affirmations are those you say out loud when you are in front of your mirror.

Check her Mirror Work out here.   Millions of people have practiced self-love through her powerful teachings. 21 days to self-love practices

Now back to our kids!    A lot of us adults understand that it takes a lot of focused effort and dedication in shifting our learnt behaviours and beliefs.      Its certainly possible with practice and the right methods such as louise hays teachings. BUT its easier to pre-program healthier thoughts of love and self-belief into our kids now wouldn’t you agree?    So you can see my inspiration comes from Louise Hay and my mission is to launch creative tools to get into the subconscious minds of our children EARLY!

Heres another example from my own experiences around the power of love and connection.    I know when I settle in “on purpose” to be more “present” with my daughter Jasmin. I embrace those moments by NOTING them through our eyes locking in a more present and loving way.    I see it…. Feel it…… and even get a tear in my eye as a result. Its powerful! Take note your probably doing it yourself. But when we really Stop-Pause and NOTICE that feeling. I believe we will do it more often “on purpose”!

Then the BONUS with connecting in these powerful moments, is that I note my daughter becomes more kind and more agreeable.  Even more accommodating! Like assisting me with small tasks, like getting ready for school or helping me carry something!   Most of you would note this already? But what I am suggesting is to really take note! Because when you really tune in on purpose, bringing awareness to when things are running smoothly and your connection is switched on!   That’s when you see how your morning plays out more lovingly.

In summary note what happens when you give love rather than snapping an instruction to them.       We have the power to bring out the best in our kids. All we have to do is have “presence of mind”.   “Connect through the power of love”. Drop the snappy firing instructions like GET READY WE’RE LATE!! Lol.    Confession over here. Not the worlds perfect mum and I say this confidently on behalf of all us busy mums! We are human.

So to finish off my thoughts…. Its equally important for us adults to LOVE ourselves first.   To consciously share “loving connecting moments” with yourself and your children every day.


  • Use this Affirmation and add it to your own chosen list.
  • Make it your morning ritual.
  • Meditate with an app even for just 6 or 10 minutes. EARLY FIRST THING BEFORE YOUR KIDS WAKE!  Choose a guided one about self- love.
  • Visualise yourself at a time when you were happy and feeling loved. Reflect back to those times & meditate on that feeling.  Always start with 3 deep breathes whilst you imagine those feelings.
  • Think back to when you were born.  You were created with pure LOVE and born to BE Loved and adored!    You are still that person, perhaps now with some adopted limiting beliefs and behaviours BUT remember you were created and born “to love and to be loved.”  Love is the most powerful force on earth.

You are LOVED!

You deserve love!    You are a gift to this world!

Have a wonderful day.

May Love and gratitude be with you always.

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