Helping children to flourish in life all starts with building a healthy self-esteem.

As adults we know our subconscious is pre-programmed from a very early age by comments and experiences we endured in our childhoods.    As several studies prove having a healthy mindset and a positive outlook is essential to our wellbeing.

After over a year of hard work, determination & much research through teachers, psychologist, health practitioners, facilitators, entrepreneurial groups, Speakers & Authors such as Tony Robins, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer to name a few..  I have carefully designed 2 decks of positive mindset cards based also from my own life experiences.     These cards aim to increase children and adults confidence, self-worth and self belief.    Embracing a more positive growth mindset language.

I believe these Super Power cards will initiate FUN family daily-rituals, helping to understand our given qualities and see how our “chosen” behaviours can effect our interactions with others “good and bad”!

When we act with love & kindness even in unpleasant conversations,  we are effectively shielding ourselves from fear and pain.  The more we can tap into our “Super Power” qualities the better chance we have to living out our best lives.

With love and gratitude

Kylie xx

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