A big welcome to 2018 for many new beginnings and exciting goals to be set!  It is pretty empowering when you understand YOU are in total control of your life and the choices you make.  That you can have the power to manifest all that you want.  Most importantly realising that you are manifesting all that you don’t want too!   So bringing in a new year can mean leaving behind old habits.   Once you decide to embrace a more “positive growth mindset” and realise the power of your own thoughts and words will determine your 2018!   You’ll start making more positive choices and create healthier habits all by the simple art of “mindful thinking”.

So shut down that little habitual voice that lives inside your head since childhood,  that may indeed be telling you “I’m not good enough”, or “I’m not worthy of love”, or “dreams are just dreams”.     Now is the time to take control of your own thoughts!   Acknowledge them and then mindfully put them aside and replace them with more uplifting reassuring ones.

Retrain your brain and remember by using “Positive daily Affirmations”  is the best way to practice and create healthier habits.   It won’t happen straight away but  by making this your new daily 2018 ritual you are on the right track!

So on another note I am reaching out to those that get my Mindfulness colouring book with affirmations for kids and adults.    I know you understand my goal is to in-still a healthy and positive growth mindset within children starting from 5 years and up.   To me it would have been a wonderful gift of knowledge to have had when I was a little girl.  I would have realised that my own inner critic had lead me to some unhealthy choices in life.    I would have realised that I had the power to stay confident and not ever let anyone dull my sparkle!!  So I would love all the help I can get in spreading this book across the planet!  Lets start with Amazon.

“Mindfulness colouring with affirmations for kids and adults” By Kylie Johnson is available worldwide on Amazon!   The best way to be found is by my customers leaving their personal reviews!   This simply moves my book up the page a little like google works and boom their it will be found!     Its simple and easy to write a brief sentence along with clicking your personal star rating.   I would be incredibly grateful for your support and most importantly your belief in my book to help kids mental health.

Just scroll down to the bottom and see CUSTOMER REVIEWS. Fill in with your star rating.

NOTE;  If you haven’t already got an account on Amazon, its easy to start one by purchasing any books and/or signing up.   Then you are eligible to leave reviews!

As a Thank You I am offering 20% off all items STORE WIDE.  Just enter coupon code at check out  GRATITUDE20%  This offer is valid for the month of January!!  THANK YOU!

Thanks so much in advance and please feel free to also email me your testimonials and/or pictures of your little ones colouring pages from within the book!!   This would be lovely to include on my social media postings or my website testimonials if you desire!  I can’t tell you how much I LOVE seeing my illustrations come to life by your children and to hear their thoughts on the “life messages” within the book!   email hello@kyliejohnsonart.com

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