So long to 2019 and thank you for all that you brought! I hope you have all had some time out to end your busy year! It’s the most important thing us humans can do is to stop, reflect and recharge for mental health purposes & that is non negotiable!

I say this because someone needed to STOP me! Some of you that follow me on social media may know I had a boating accident just before NYE resulting in a foot and chest injury.

After surgery and hospital I have my foot up!   So all the stress and rushing had no choice but to LEAVE!   Grateful would be an understatement of how I embraced this accident.   A blessing… a sign…. feeling my late mother so closely as a result.   I LOVED & embraced the whole experience!  Inconvenient & painful but it was sooo meant to happen! 🙂

Personally I had many UP’S and downs in 2019.   The UPS were due to so much personal growth along with so many business opportunities presenting itself.       I embraced a lot of wins which i am so grateful for.   However, my feelings of exhaustion and possibly some depression due mostly to the lack of life balance were my downs.

So now brings the time to embrace a new year with lessons learnt whilst keeping a clear focus to some areas for improvement.  For myself that being:  “Life balance and connection”. I acknowledge the days I chose some important acts of  “self love”  involving morning rituals.   What a different this can make to your mindset?!   NOTING the shift!  Also connecting with people are a huge pick me up!

Looking after the most important part of our being is indeed our MINDSET.    We are human and life gets in the way of our good intentions as does our adopted patterns of behaviour and our long term embedded triggers!

In summary heres some tips I took from
2019.  I hope you may find these useful too!

TIPS to consider for 2020:

1)  Stick to your chosen morning rituals for better mental health and well being.
2)  Go for afternoon walks when you feel low.  Don’t slump and reach for crap food, get moving!
3) Talk to someone that genuinely cares when your down. Or seek professional help.
4) Be open and honest about your feelings and your story. This is healing & enables connections with others authentically.  Be YOU!
5) Habits can be broken and new ones made within just one week!! It’s easier than you think!
6) Be kind and be brave enough to apologise often if you make mistakes.  This releases abundance blocks & shows your a strong human!
7) Schedule time to Journal, meditate & create stillness within your DAILY routine!
8)  Listen to your heart and do more of what truly makes you happy. Life is short!
10) make time for those you love, and create boundaries to create life balance.

It’s my favourite time of year taking time to reflect on whats important,  hopefully most of you have taken some time out to reflect or intend to during January.   Taking the time to connect with yourself on a deeper level.   The only way to do this is by creating stillness in your life and to listen to that little voice within you with more care and openness..   Really tune into your heart and all of its truths.

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With love and gratitude

Kylie xx


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your very inspiring and reminding words 🙏. You are a very important asset to life. While you so wisely noticed you needed to STOP I am so grateful that you did not STOP sharing what is going on for you. It takes courage and allowance of present vulnerability. Thank you for you Kylie Johnson 🙏

  2. awwwwwww thanks so much Sofie! I must say every good and bad experience I cant stop sharing…. Kind of my addiction with passion behind it all. what i learn I must share! 🙂 much love and gratitude. xo

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