A little note of gratitude from me to you!

Thank you so much for your recent help on my Art Prints Pre launch Survey. I cannot tell you how helpful this was and also incredibly encouraging!! I have taken on all your thoughts and I really valued your feedback. All good for those that missed it, I get it! Too much comes into our inboxes already. 🙂

I wanted to share with you a little snippet of what’s been going on behind the scenes here! As you know I launched my first colouring book with affirmations. With much support from book shops, homeware stores, parents and all types of mental health carers/facilitators Im pleased to say the positivity has spread afar.

A little confession… Whilst creativity brings me enormous joy, it is highly addictive where by if given the choice I’d be working every hour of every day If time allowed. 🙂 I do know that if I am not painting, designing or writing weekly then I feel frustrated, low and out of the flow. It’s clearly my core passion and purpose! So sorry if I have been a little quite whilst I had my creative hat on for quite some time.

Having said that, after continuously seeking to learn through female entrepreneurial groups, attending workshops, seminars, webinars, trainings with The mindful schools, and keeping up with podcasts and inspiring books. I thankfully learnt along the way that IT’S NOT EASY for entrepreneurs and creatives!! It’s such a learning curve and at times a challenging ride. One thing I understand is that we all have self-doubt! No matter how successful you are or what stage you are at…. We are challenged as humans to keep at it and stay positive!

Behind the scenes a lot of us are working second jobs, busy being a mum ‘single mum” for some of us and busy creating our side hustle in every waking SPARE MINUTE!

So with that comes the challenge of creating the perfect life balance. Thats when core values come into it. Mine is family, health and helping others through my work. Sorry friends or lover! Not much of a look in afterwards. ☹ A side I need to nurture more and in some ways regret I haven’t, life is too short! I’ve always supported the idea that life with love is much more full filling than single hood! Ok ok… This Creative addict will look up for air again soon! 🙂

So the update is I’ve been super busy the past year working on a few projects ready to launch this year. I am grateful to turn to you and many others for feedback along the way.

I still have a few more projects I yearn to find time to create (later!) In the mean time I Can’t wait to share a few to come SOON! Breathe…. Yes Kylie… Rome was not built in a day! Arrrghhhhh…. Yes confession – Creative addict.

This picture was a little photo shoot recently of Jasmin and I sitting in the sun reading our book. I absolutely adore doing anything creative outdoors.
Nature/creativty = Double the Pleasure!

I just want to send a little reminder to all the busy mums out there, these moments really are the only ones that count!! For me My daughter is just way to adorable to ignore but guilty as we all are… life gets busy! So this is an example of us “stopping & just being in the moment”. I LOVE the moments where she has my full attention. So much love and gratitude floods over us both.

I’m super excited that you have chosen to join me on this journey and allowed me to pop into your inbox! I feel privileged to send you much inspiration, mindset tools & a bucket full of positivity to come. ☺ I look forward to sharing some valuable content based on my own learnings & observations along with much research and studies! I typically just want to share anything I feel may benefit you and your littles!

In case you haven’t yet received my FREE Mini 16 pages Colouring Ebook when you signed up? I have attached it here for you as a little thank you for being here and for those that saw my survey and gave wonderful feedback.

Simply click on the picture below to download your gift. Happy Colouring!!

Oh and by the way! In case you didn’t know we now have the full “104 page” Downloadable Ebook version available!


Easy and instantly received! (Ebook PDF)

Sending you a heart full of gratitude!

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