I Do More Of What Makes Me Happy

I’ll keep this brief and to the point!  I’m sure you have heard way to much about the Corona Virus!  I know I have.    I’d like to share with you some tips and suggest some tools at this changing time for you and your family.

Embrace this forced time to reflect and be with “yourself” and “your family”.
Letting go of all control and surrendering to all that the universe clearly delivers.    I strongly suggest that you view this as a positive and miraculous time for solitude and also connection.
When forced to really make an effort to either make or break certain relationships, life habits and anything else.  We are forced to look within, change habits and attitudes.
Never before has something this full on happened and in my opinion is happening as a very powerful message to us all.

So start thinking about what matters, what can be changed and what you want to do with your future!
See my TIPS & Tools below:

1) download one of the million meditation apps available to you.   Start a 10 minute “guided” mediation.   Join the millions of entrepreneurs that understand the benefits to mindfulness & meditations which keeps them focused, successful & happy!    Do it first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night.   I rate the App Headspace, Calm and Smiling minds.

2) Write down 3-5 things PER DAY of what you are grateful for.   This is not some half hearted wishy washy idea.   It is a practise that successful & emotionally in-tuned beings do as a self-programmed habit!

3) Listen to an inspiring and motivating PODCAST for 20 mins per day or READ something positive for just 20 mins a day.

4) Get moving!   Pilates, Yoga, stretches, jumping, running, dancing, walking.  Just get your heart rate up for 20 mins a day!   FEEL & WATCH your state of mind Shift!

5) Journal your thoughts, feelings, struggles & strengths.   Dare to dream and write like no-one is reading!  Journaling has been proven to assist you with feeling more clear & gaining much clarity of thoughts!

6) Get 8 hours sleep every night, eat well and eat light at night time. ENJOY the HUGE Benefits, just to name a few:  Clarity, Less brain fog, motivation, connection, good mood, peace & positivity.

Tony Robins one of the worlds gurus on mental health and business coaching.  Calls this the HOUR of Power.

In Summary your new daily ritual   (A Hour or Power)

– 20 mins prayer or meditation
– 20 mins reading/listening to something positive / journalling.
– 20 mins exercise to create the right state of mind.


This Daily Ritual is not around motivation.  This relies on discipline!   Once you start a habit in the first 7 days you begin to feel the difference and find it much easier than you thought!

I hope this helps you & your families at this time.


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