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A little about my first book  “Mindfulness colouring with affirmations for kids and adults”.  And how it all evolved.    My passion is to reach and inspire children and adults together at the same time through my art and books.  My aim is to bring an awareness to children right from the start about the power of their own minds, to help them understand that their thoughts and words can greatly effect how they live out their days and ultimately their lives.

My hope is that children can realize that the little inner critic voices that live within all of us do not need to rule or govern our lives.  How great to have this little gift of knowledge right from the start!  My wish is that kids can learn to be more kind to themselves and to embrace healthier habits of positive self-talk from a toddler age.

After a lot of soul searching on my own evolving journey along with much research for my first book.  I saw a need for children to gain insight into the magic and power of positivity!  So I chose to start by creating a positive and creative resource for both kids and adults to share together and re-connect in the present moment.      My hope is that the messages in this book will resonate with adults and then be explained or reinforced by you “the adult role models” to the children in your care.

I understand that the most important thing in the world to a child is to feel loved, noticed and connected with adults.    Kids thrive on adult attention to build self worth and to assist in developing a healthy self-esteem.    With this in mind the foundations obviously start with love and connection.

Of course taking into consideration that most of us are living incredibly full and busy lives, it is my belief that we need to book in “time well spent” with children.   By this I mean “mindfully living in the present moment without distraction”.  The perfect excuse to switch off all screen devices!  Just saying… ☺

I have designed this colouring book so that it is easy and portable to just colour a little at a time together.   The illustrations have been designed to embrace “mindful coloring” for both adults and children.

If adults can dedicate just 10-20 minutes daily of their “undivided attention to children” such as practicing this mindfulness activity, this will bring a positive experience and outcome into your home or classrooms.   I also strongly believe this to be a healthy daily habit for adults to de-stress and unwind together with children.

There are many life affirming key messages inside this 104 page colouring book.   All designed to practice “positive self-talk” together.   The aim is to embrace Gratitude, Kindness, Courage, Love & connection, respect, learning, self belief and positivity.

If you decide to purchase this unique book, I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you in the comments below and I would be truly grateful to hear about your unique experiences with your little ones.    Or of course share on my social media accounts.

I also would like to invite you to enter our monthly colouring competitions to get your children thinking positively!


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