Well I have gone to town on this affirmation within my new Art collection to come! Why? Because I feel it is an extremely important one! One that I try to articulate to my daughter when she compares herself to others. We all naturally compare ourselves to those around us.

I believe we need to pre-program this affirmation EARLY into the minds of our children.

“I am beautifully unique”. Educate them to the meaning of these affirmations whist they are YOUNG! Help them to understand their uniqueness is their most beautiful and most loveable gift!

Help them to understand that no 2 people are born the same. We were all born uniquely different. What an amazing-phenomena when you really stop and think about that! ☺

I share with you some ideas on how to encourage and embrace the power of knowing you are beautifully unique just the way you are!

I believe the more we explain to children the idea of NOT comparing ourselves to others is SUPER important!

A more empowering focus is to gently divert their attention to their own unique gifts and talents! I mean we all know how it feels when we compare ourselves to someone that has or does something we want! BUT when we let go of comparisons and shine a light on our own gifts, that is when the MAGIC begins!

I love to create Art Décor with Affirmations for children and adults to go to sleep and wake up surrounded with positive vibes. We know as adults how we are attracted to positive quotes and affirmations that resonate with us just when we need them! The power of positive words surrounding us at any age has impact.

I believe that the foundation to our happiness is to know our self-worth from the start! It is our job as parents to pre-program the right “comments” to encourage self-love and self-belief.

With all the social media available to kids, the bullying and the comparing that goes on. It is SOOOOOOOO Important for kids to know that they are indeed BORN Unique! That they are enough just by showing up as their unique authentic selves.

Its also a good idea to point out we are here on “our journey” discovering and developing our own gifts at our own pace!

In summary –

The minute us humans let go of –

Careing what everybody else thinks.

Comparing ourselves to others.

Is the time that we allow our true authentic selves to SHINE!

When we compare ourselves to others, we set ourselves up for having unhappy feelings, lowering our confidence and being hard on ourselves. Our inner critic starts to have the wildest of parties!! It’s almost like an alarm bell going OFF to say Hey! “Lets pound her whilst shes down.” “Shes comparing herself to someone else!” It’s time to take a long look at what she HASN’T GOT! The inner critic starts to grab the microphone and read us our long lacking list!!

Now this is when self-awareness comes to play! Remind yourself that you have two choices.
Allowing your inner-critic to take over and hog the microphone?

OR Tell the inner critic party or better known as the “Negative Committee” to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

Here’s your chance to replace those thoughts with more encouraging ones.

Perhaps you could use these affirmations:

“I know that I AM adorable and loveable just the way I am. I am perfectly UNIQUE and happy to be ME.”

I find a great tool that works is to bring out the LONG LIST of what we do have. A great way to turn the voice of self-comparison “inner critic ” into a more positive and encouraging one.

Not only do we get to shine the LONG LIST of good points, but it also brings the power and presence of gratitude. YES GRATITUDE! That super power that lives within us all and comes to our rescue just when we need it. ☺


  • Here’s your chance to point out all their unique gifts. Have fun and ask them to point out yours? ☺
  • The Feelings of gratitude become more present. MAGIC! Be grateful for your gifts or talents.
  • This presents the perfect opportunity to remind them that no 2 people were born the same.
  • Never compare yourself to the person beside you. You never know what they have going on inside or at home. They may seem to live the happiest of lives, but let me tell you behind closed doors it is often not the case. So don’t waste your energy!
  • We are often comparing our chapter 1 to someone elses chapter 25! Skills come with time and effort. Be patient!
  • Realise that each and every one of us were born with a different DNA! We were born with our own unique nature, and personalities which also develop from our surroundings.
  • Encourage your loved ones to use more encouraging words about themselves and cover their walls with Art and Affirmations!! ☺

Say out loud together –



Have a wonderful day.

May love and gratitude be with you always.


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