When it comes to parenting, using Positive Affirming words about ourselves OR to our children is vital when being the role model!  Setting by example is how kids learn and develop their own habits.  Tricky?  I know I am not always going to get it right however, having an awareness to it is the first step!  In fact I love it when my daughter pulls me up on something I may have said that was not so affirming to myself, she starts to preach what I teach!  So there you have it.  They listen and take in more than we realise.

One thing for sure is that we know it is vital for a healthy emotional development within our children.   To maintain a positive growth mindset in our homes requires practice and consistency!   “Using Affirmations daily has been proven to create new and healthier habits for a positive growth mindset within children and adults”.

Do you recognize the need to build up your children every day, too?   As parents its heart breaking to hear our kids put themselves down and talk themselves out of believing in themselves.  This list of phrases will encourage the child who hears them from a sincere and believing parent.

There are so many “voices” in this world telling our kids they don’t measure up. Behind every young child who believes in him, is a parent who believed in him first. 

Children JUST WANT TO BE LOVED no matter what their skills are.   Building a healthy self-esteem comes from parents PRAISE – ATTENTION &  LOVE.

Feel free to get started with the below 101 suggested affirming phrases.  Or perhaps add your own!

1) I think you’re quite amazing!

2) You did a great Job!

3) Thanks for being such a great kid!

4) You make me smile a lot. 

5) I appreciate the young man (woman) you are becoming.

6) I just love you.  You shine when you be yourself. 

7) Spending time with you is my favourite time.

8) Would you like to go to the store with me? I like it when you come along.

9) You are an interesting person.

10) I like how your mind works.

11) Thanks for being such a hard worker.  You are going places!

12) You are a great example. I can see you are going to inspire many.

13) I was just telling Dad/Mum how proud I am of you. 

14) I am so grateful to be your parent. I think an angel sent you to me. 

15) You did that so well.

16) Great job on your homework! Its so impressive how you can figure things out.

17) You’re so handsome/beautiful.

18) You see things really clearly. 

19) Good thinking.

20) You give the best hugs.

21) Your so brave!

22) That was a really kind thing to do.

23) You’re so smart! That was really clever!

24) Thank you for being honest with me.

25) You’re a kind-hearted person.

26) You are the kind of friend I wanted when I was your age.

27) Wow! You’re fast! Such a great effort. 

28) You’re really thoughtful.

29) I appreciate you so much. Did you know your smile is contagious?

30) you have such beautiful manners.

31) You make me laugh!

32) You’ve got a great sense of humor.

33) You did that? You’re amazing! I wish I was as good at that as you are.

34) You are an honest young man/woman.  Its so nice to have friends you know you can trust. 

35) Wow! You did a great job cleaning your room!

36) You made this all by yourself? You are so creative!

37) What a great idea!  Good thinking!

38) I love how grateful you are.

39) I’m so happy when you’re around me.

40) Look at your fit little body! Your so healthy and strong. 

41) I’m really proud of you. I am so lucky to say you are mine. 

 42) You have a big heart!

43) You’re so generous.

44) You inspire people when you do things like that!

45) When you did (    ) it showed a lot of self-discipline.

46) How did I get the Best Kid In The World?

47) I just know you’re going to be successful at whatever you put your mind to. 

48) You have some amazing gifts and talents.

49) You can achieve anything you desire.

50) Your so unique and here for good reason.

51) Your life matters.

52) I don’t know where you’re going to end up, but it’s going to be awesome!

53) You’re so tough!

54) I love how you never give up!

55) You make people feel so loved and special. 

56) You have such a strong character.  I admire that. 

57) There is only one of you.  Your so lucky to be you. 

58) You’re one in a million!

59) My respect for you is really growing everyday.

60) How did I get so lucky to have a daughter/son like you!

61) You make being me feel like such a proud parent when you do that.  

62) You could be a Doctor or a Leader!

63) Keep practicing like that and you’re going to be the best in the school or even in the world!

64) You showed a lot of courage when you (   )

65) It takes a big person to be honest like you just were.

66) I know you can conquer your fear! I have seen how great you feel on the other side of fear. 

67) You’ve got what it takes! I can see such improvement with every day you practice.

68) You have a great energy to be around!

69) You get things really quick, such a good learner?

70) You’re really polite – I like that in a young man/young woman.

71) You do your best I can see that!

72) I’m grateful for you.

73) You are a blessing to me and Mum/Dad.

74) There is no one quite like you.

75) How did you come up with that?

76) I love how grateful you are for the little things.

77) I love how you live in the moment and bring me back there too!

78) You kept working until the job was done – impressive!

79) When you stood up for what was right, everyone around thought, “Well done!”

80) You’re looking gorgeous!

81) You are a special individual.

82) I am so blessed to be your parent. 

83) What a great job you did!

84) I know you will achieve your dreams.

85) You are so thoughtful and people love thoughtfulness. 

86) That was a beautiful act of kindness

87) What you did for your (me, friend, brother, sister) was really kind.

88) Your a great learner. 

89) I love how you learn from mistakes, that is good learning when I see you got it right the next time!

90) You showed a lot of maturity when you responded like that.

91) I can see your future . . . it’s so bright, I’m going to need sunglasses!

92) You light up my life.

93) Every parent wishes they had a son/daughter like you. Your smile and your laugh melts me. 

94) I don’t know what I would do without you.  Life would not be the same. 

95) I love the fact that I can rely on you.

96) I love how we can chat about anything.

97) Thank you for loving me.

98) I can see your inner strength. 

99) You are so true to yourself and no whats wrong or right for you!

100) I can see you listen to your heart and that is very wise!

101) I love you! I love it when we are off our phones and computers and just being present together.  I love your company!

Happy School Holidays mums and dads!

Enjoy those kids and please please try to keep the screen time to a minimum every day!  Set them up outdoors with some arts and crafts or a ball activity.  I find putting on our favourite music play list is a great way to defer from screens and creates healthier “self play” habits at home.

Colouring some of our 104 pages is a great start!   At the same time Practicing positive self-talk is absolutely “time well spent.”

Lots of love.

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