We all have beliefs about our own abilities. We all adopt ways of thinking generally from comments we have absorbed in our childhood. We tend to pre-program our subconscious with these “comments” that we have encountered. These then get gently buried into our inner belief system! And THEN our very own custom made inner dialogue plays out miraculously into our adult years! Let the fun and games begin. Aaarrrrghhh..

This of course effects all the important things such as what we think we are capable of and what we think is out of reach to us! Without realising it we develop our own set of limiting beliefs that sadly don’t serve us well which often result in opportunities passing us by. Many of us know that procrastination is actually just one way of self-sabotaging DREAMS! All the fear based excuses kick in for many of us as to why we cant possibly do something. Lack of time, money, resources, I’m too lazy, not good enough Blah blah blah. All great ways of NOT taking action! Or most importantly consistent action!

See below a brief example of the two mindsets that take place, which by the way we CAN choose which mindset to have WITH PRACTICE!

A FIXED MINDSET = I am not enough. I am not intelligent enough. I am not a good learner. I am not worthy of love. I am lazy. I am not good looking enough. I cant do this.



A GROWTH MINDSET = I am born enough, I am intelligent. I am a great learner. I am worthy of love. I am motivated and energised. I am perfect and unique just the way I am. I can do this with more effort


Personally I do know both results coming from my own experiences! I’ve lived LARGE chasing dreams and living dreams! Travelling the world as a model and really experiencing “no fear” just dreams! I’ve also felt the lows in life with an unhealthy mindset creeping in from my own hidden set of limiting beliefs. Yep! And of course resulting in self-sabotaging other dreams. Really…. Who hasn’t?!

I remember doing some radio interviews when my first mindfulness colouring book was launched. With each interviewer, they would express to me passionately that our generation grew up with the old school ways. “Children are seen not heard.” That was the parenting style back then. Then often each generation passes down the same ways of parenting…… and yes, delivering the same set of limiting beliefs! We only know what we know and then do our best from there.

Often past generations were not one of nurturing kids to having their “own voice” however our current generation is influenced more by mindful parenting practices, with a huge focus on how to nurture our kids all the way! I can tell you I am a permanent delivery service for my daughter! Running her to so many activities all because I want to give her all the opportunities that passed me. I believe the biggest focus is to nurture their strengths and also nurture their weaknesses! BUILD CONFIDENT KIDS!

Having a healthy mindset is the most important thing we can know. Teach our kids early that our thoughts and our words are designing our life.

Another words, what we think we become! What we say, we become!

Our thoughts and our words are indeed creating our life experiences. An incredibility important piece of information that I sure wish we had when we were young! If I actually knew that little voice that lived inside my head could be changed to a more positive one when needed?? Then OMG! Hello! I know I may have made much better choices in some areas. Just saying….. 🙂

Just take a look at the self-help/wellness industries around Personal Development… one of the fastest growing billion dollar industries. With so many experts, therapist, facilitators, and coaches out there. All trying to help, teach and bring awareness to better mental health and well being. With sadly an enormous increase in numbers for suicides within our teens. Stemming from Depression and lack of hope, confidence and self-belief. 🙁

It all comes down to a healthy or unhealthy MINDSET! Your mindset effects everything in life. Anxiety, stress, depression, anger…. MINDSET is the first key ingredient to nurture.

AWARENESS to your inner-critic, and self-talk is the first stage to healing and self-love..

It’s also worth a mention that It seems every single success story in all areas across entrepreneurs, famous athletes, famous stars and any success or survival story comes down to the one thing. MINDSET!

After endless webinars, workshops, speakers, mentors I hear it time after time. I LOVE this space! Powerful people delivering powerful messages to the world. Around a positive mindset.

I refer to the famous late Louise Hay founder of Hay House Publishing.

Louise Hay has changed billions of peoples lives with her teachings. Her best selling book “You can heal your life”. She was raped and abused several times as a child. A very very damaged soul that changed her own MINDSET! Her power tools to healing are “words of affirmations”, words-have-power!

I recommend this book to anyone that may be on the path to healing or perhaps you may be completely fed up with the rut your in? Louise placed me onto a wonderful self-discovery & healing journey after my divorce and mother passing at the same time. I am so grateful for her influence as she inspired me to publishing my first mindfulness colouring book with affirmations! Yep, now on a mission to build awareness to our littles around MINDSET. Kids need to understand their own super powers that magically come from within. Words have POWER!

Here is a wonderful explanation from Louise Hay herself. Along with a link I thought you may like to her suggested “Self-Talk Affirmations”.

“Affirmations are inspirational, positive statements you say or think about yourself. Saying daily affirmations helps reprogram our negative self-talk so we can manifest more positive thinking, feeling and experiences in our lives. Use these powerful affirmations by Hay House authors like Louise Hay to enhance your life today!”

Louise hay

I would also like to invite you to get a better understanding through this short video by expert Marisa Peer Sharing 4 ways to form a partnership with your brain.

If you liked the above video then make sure you check out this one also from Marisa Peer by mindvalley https://blog.mindvalley.com/inner-critic/ She explains the power to your words as too does the famous Louise Hay.

So please join me to help our younger generation understand their words and thoughts are their SUPER POWER! I’m sure you would agree that adopting a “healthy mindset” earlier is key! After all the brain is like a sponge for knowledge from age 3-7. We also learn so much between then and throughout our teen years. So why not learn the power to our words during this time?! NOT when you are an adult trying to figure out what the hell went wrong on our journey!!

Thanks again for being here. I cant wait to launch and share with you my new products to come.

My Launch dates are coming soon on several new products!!

Sending you much love and inspiration.


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