I’m excited to share with you a series of AFFIRMATIONS & why I believe they work! I share with you the reasons they were chosen for my Mindfulness Colouring with Affirmations book. Along with my Art Prints & decks of cards to come. I hope that by sharing my own experiences wth you this may somehow inspire you and your loved ones to live more mindfully.





Whats so powerful about this affirmation?

GRATITUDE is like your biggest super power to happiness!

Gratitude is like medicine for the soul. It ignites happier more hopeful feelings. Which as a result brings more abundance into your life. When you focus on what you already have in your life, you feel the difference and often more of what you hope for shows up!

Lack of Gratitude – is like poison to your soul. It ignites negative unhopeful feelings. This feeling drives a negative focus to what you don’t want or don’t yet have. Where Focus goes energy flows!! You find yourself dwelling in all the problems or in the lack of what you currently don’t have.

So the choice is yours-

Do you want to drink “feel good” medicine for the soul, creating a tonne of abundance?


Do you want to drink “poison” for the soul, creating blockages to abundance?

I know first hand the power of gratitude so I wanted to share with you a little about my story!

Once upon a time I had a super super super ridiculously awesome life predominately in my 20’s! (Not saying life is not wonderful later but I share with you when it was absolutely on fire with gratitude spreading it’s power!) I chased dreams, made them happen, took risks and had an abundance mindset! Fuelled by a ginormous amount of GRATITUDE!

Nothing could stop me with a bucket full of self-belief and no presence to fear! Off I went travelling over seas on my merry little way with a pocket full of dreams. This might sound silly, but many that knew me in my 20’s used to say, OMG your life? Where ever you go you just seem to land on your feet. Your life is like a dream. And It was! I was 25 and fearless. Landing in foreign countries with a passion and a sparkly spirit here to have fun and enjoy life. Having a very clear focus to join agencies, find work and stay! Yearning for a life filled with contrast and far away from the norm, modelling became my vehicle to explore. I found landing in new countries by myself was super exciting because the adventure was unknown! I had massive confidence and FAITH it would all just work out somehow, and it sure did! Having hope and passion was my strongest asset. ☺

My mum used to help pack my bags with excitement and encouragement but she also felt some what concerned. She would say, “oh dear… I sure hope Kylies life turns out the way she plans it when she returns home some day.” “This fairy tale life hopefully will not come to an end otherwise when reality comes, she may hit the wall like a tonne of bricks!!!”

mmmmm… Oh well.. that kinda did happen a little later mum! BUT in a good way! Life was not meant to be easy as they say!! It was my turn later to discover both sides. Having experienced both extremes with highs and lows, going from a fulfilling diverse life surrounded by expats that had the same passion for life. All with one thing in common, no fear and no judgement! My kinda breed. After 5 years living over seas I returned happily in year 2000 to settle in to this amazing city I called home! Sydney!

Then years later after being married for 5 years my marriage started to crumble and then came my divorce. All at the same time as my mother passing. Yep the closest person to me. It was a challenging time to say the least. With a 2.5 year old in tow off I went embarking on a new and contrasting chapter. Although challenging times had occurred I found that strength and gifts were born from this experience. I also found that turning to the power of positivity and gratitude were key.

My point to sharing this story is, I understand the power of an abundance mindset and “GRATITUDE” from all angles!

Back then when life was a bed of sparkly beautiful smelling roses, with glitter spread everywhere I walked… Why was this the case? Good question! I realise now when I look back on those times, it was because I had the natural super power oozing out of me called GRATITUDE! At all times. I was SO GRATEFUL FOR EVERY SINGLE THING/PERSON/EXPERIENCE that had entered my life!! I was super positive and as a result life landed in my lap. I loved life like I would hate to die tomorrow! I had no fear and my passion for life was contagious!! I saw the best in everyone and all that crossed my path. I now see that my attitude was one of gratitude and it just spread goodness & abundance where ever I went.

After my divorce and life turning upside down significantly, I took a serious step down from the “exciting free to be me” life I had once lived. Having said this I was super blessed to have the choice in moving back home with my beautiful dad at the same time mum passed. Now a single mum living with dad, which to me was better than other single mums doing it tougher. This was the beginning to a whole new self-discovery journey! A huge step down from my shiny life in my 20’s.

Luckily my dad then reminded me to “re-look” at the bright side of everything. He was my new rock! Although I had left an unhealthy marriage I still remained grateful for all that my ex-husband was and still is, and what he gave me “my daughter”! I decided to compare him and my situation to those that were worse off than me, NOT those that were better off! Which helped me to practice gratitude during the tough times. Be careful of who you compare yourself to when life is crashing around you! Massive message in that. ☺

I also turned my pain and grief over the loss of my mother into GRATITUDE for actually having the worlds most loving mother one could ever wish for. To feel such pain was hard, but then I never stop talking about her in memory… how grateful I am to have embraced such love from a human I proudly had as my mum! I know not everyone was as fortunate to have a mother as loving as her. I am also GRATEFUL for all the creative gifts and spirit she left me. Thanks mum!

I consciously noted the changes that occurred when I really FELT gratitude in these times. They were dark, insecure life changing, depressing circumstances for me. The power of gratitude was my “go to”! Thanks dad!! My shiny spirit was only tarnished but was not put out completely.

I can tell you that gratitude works every single time to date that someone disappoints me, frustrates me and even tries to destroy my passions! When I look at everything through the lens of love-gratitude-forgiveness & kindness my energy shifts! Also a big Thank you to my discovery to Gabrielle Bernstein for more of my healing.

I note my mood feels uplifted and those around me respond in a more positive way when I practice gratitude! Life just seems to feel harmonious again.

If your interested to know about another inspiring teacher I believe has helped me. The amazing NY best selling author and speaker, Gabrielle Bernstien.


Gabby is a Hay House best selling author that Oprah Winfrey and Louise Hay name as the new modern day thought leader. AMAZING soul! I believe in learning from others that have also had HARDER lessons. They come with such wisdom from “life experiences” and are such a great source of inspiration to those that are “ready to listen”! I believe we all need to learn better ways at some point in our lives.

In summary to me sharing my own experiences I encourage you to live with a heart full of gratitude no matter what. Practice forgiveness to set you free from those poisonous angry feelings and no matter what always act with kindness!


  • Use this Affirmation and add to your own chosen list.
  • Say to yourself or out loud something you are grateful for, especially when you are dwelling in what you don’t have.
  • Meditate with an app even for just 6 minutes. Choose one about Gratitude.
  • Write at least 5 things you are grateful for morning or night (or both)
  • Visualise the feelings of when you felt really grateful for something & manifest that feeling!
  • Know that a grateful heart is one that attracts miracles and abundance.

Use this as your morning mantra –

Repeat out loud-

I am grateful

I am grateful for all that I have in my life right now.

Good things happen when I am grateful.

May I be happy

May love and kindness be with me

Parenting tip: When you practise this mantra don’t be afraid to say it out loud in front of your little ones! Planting the seed helps them to copy you now or later. The best way to teach kids is to demonstrate your own healthy habits of gratitude!

Gratitude is a proven practice by Positive Psychologists, healers and mindful facilitators and of course straight from the bible! Or anyone that was brought up with a bucket full of common sense (like my grieving but happy dad!) 🙂

Gratefulness is contagious and will attract more positive feelings and experiences into your life.

Gratitude = Abundance! Lack of Gratitude = Abundance blocks.

I hope you mindfully adopt the habit of gratitude on a daily basis. You deserve abundance! The universe spreads more abundance when a grateful heart is present.

Have a wonderful day!

May Love and gratitude be with you always.

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