What I would tell my younger self


“What I would tell my younger self, because my future self depends on it”

This book is a guide on how to “show up as the best version of you” so you can live your dream life!

Take a trip with Wise Whiskers the bunny, as she shares her wisdom from the past to her younger self. She helps you to embrace life’s wonders and challenges with courage, kindness, and a heart full of love along your path.

A little book of inspiring life tips.
So you can BE all that you want to be…
DO all that you want to do…
and HAVE all that you hope to have.


Read a page a day for inspiration!

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Endorsed by psychologist for mental health and wellbeing

“This beautiful book has been created with heart and soul and includes many wise gems that we can all benefit from hearing and savouring – no matter what our age! Some may be new ideas, others may be reminders of what matters most. Regardless, savouring a page a day is a sure-fire recipe for enhanced wellbeing!”

– Dr. Suzy Green
Clinical & Coaching Psychologist CEO & Founder of The Positivity Institute

“What a beautiful book. I love the illustrations and the concept of what you would say to your younger self. My favourite is the positivity is my super power as it reminds us that with any of these strategies it is important to learn and practice. Life will always include ups and downs and this gorgeous book shares simple and practical tools to help us flourish. I hope it inspires people to create positive ripples of their own.”

– Sue Langley
Global expert in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. CEO & Founder of The Langley Group

Super Power Affirmation Cards


Super Power Affirmations Cards

These cards are designed to bring awareness to our qualities that magically come from within!  Better known as our “Super Powers.”

The idea is that when we are aware of our own Super Powers we can choose to tap into them and use them on a daily basis.

Use this card deck as a morning ritual by shuffling the cards then fanning them out face down.   Be open to the one that you have chosen.  This card is highlighting a strength for you to focus on…. and often presents as a gentle reminder of something you needed to hear on that day!   This daily ritual can be used by yourself or as a fun way to start conversations with children.

Warning:  these SUPER POWERS can be contagious!  WHAT YOU GIVE – YOU GENERALLY GET BACK!   When using each power with practice you begin to notice more positive responses around you and attract more abundance into your life.

With Bullying and unkindness impacting so many school children along with the repercussions of social media, these cards will help ignite feelings of confidence, hope, self-belief and gratitude which is proven to increase a healthier self-esteem.

These cards have been created to share special moments with children and can be used to start positive conversations around self-talk & strengths.        Use each card to empower our next mindful generation with the right life skill-set encouraging a “Positive Growth Mindset” earlier on in life.

Card size (Size 9 x 12.5cm) .

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Grab your “Super Powers Card deck” to combine with “What I would tell my younger self”.

Both titles combine tips on how to show up as the best version of you!

How to use both; Shuffle and pick cards daily as conversation starters or for gentle reminders to yourself each day.

Pick a card then look it up in “What I would tell my younger self” for more inspiration!
Designed to reflect and grow…. suitable for adults and children.