Teachers Resource: Super Powers Workbook



Super Power Lesson Plans:  (111 page Ebook)

1 PDF consisting of 13 worksheet choices (18 downloadable pages)

Ebook consists of 3 colour pages for each Super Power Card.  Each of the 36 Super Powers have questions and exercises to try out each day.   Along with the chance to draw, colour and create the vision and experience of each Super Power!

13 Worksheet choices can also be used to go with each 36 super power card and visualisation.

To understand our own super powers we need to FEEL each one as we use them.     These lesson plans can be used with a buddy or family member bringing students and family the right life tools & habits.

This complete Lesson Plan Package is Ideal for creative & wellbeing workshops, School programs such as brain breaks from the curriculum or incorporating into current School wellness programs or scripture and pray time.

Parents at home and teachers in classrooms can enjoy a synchronised teaching that can double up for maximum impact.  The idea is to instil these behavioural habits into the subconscious of all ages.   When we understand the feelings created from our actions “super Powers” we can then be more mindful of our own behaviour and how we CHOOSE to treat others.

This Super Power Workbook is owned and copyright by Kylie Johnson Art.

NOTE: Purchase is final sale and should only be used as one download by the person receiving this file.

Respecting the private work of Kylie Johnson Art should you wish to use this outside of one class please enquire about school bulk classroom purchases.







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