Super Power lesson pack


Use the 36 Super Power mindset cards with the matching lesson plan.
(Choose from the 14 fun worksheet options. 1 short visualisation)
+ Inspiration to create affirmation cards as an activity.

Suitable for: brain breaks/art class/workshops/home activity.

Choose any lesson plan to go with your chosen Super Power. Just add it to the cart!

Note: The same 12 standard worksheets are included for each lesson plan + a visualisation made unique to each super power card/lesson plan.

Suitable for all ages. Use at home or in classrooms. Ideal for kids workshops!



1 Super Power Card deck
1 Super Power Lesson plan. (14 fun worksheets)

“I absolutely love the “The Little box of Super Power” by kylie johnsonart. These beautifully designed boxed sets of super power cards are simply magical. Each morning when I randomly select my affirmation card the right message magically appears for me on that day and helps me redefine my mindset in that moment. The practice of daily positive affirmations has allowed me to feel more inspired, energised and at the same time more grounded.

The cards are also visually beautiful in colour and each card has its own unique art work.

These super power affirmation cards are a great daily practice as they have a definite positive impact on our wellbeing and overall health.

I highly recommend this product range for both children and adults.”

– Claudia Callisto
Owner of Shining Light – Helping Provide Light & Positive Inspiration to others

“As a primary school teacher for the past 13 years and currently working in the learning support team these affirmation cards have been a success. The super power concept has been appealing for children and as we know words are quite powerful so the “I am “, “I can” and “I will” statements have promoted the importance of positiveness. These cards can be utilised in many different ways as a focus of the week, or a focus a day or as a quick 5 minute brain break in the classroom. Now putting my mum hat on I have used these cards in my children’s lunch boxes to hopefully uplift their spirits for the day. What a great concept Kylie in trying to help our little minds become more mindful and ultimately have a growth mindset in order to be more resilient.”

Karina Davis

Bethany Catholic Primary School Glenmore Park