Reading – Super Power Lesson Plan



Reading is my Super Power!

This Super Power Lesson plan includes 12 downloadable Worksheets.

Each page is designed with visually pleasing graphics including colouring illustrations which help to engage a calm focused mind.   These 12 Worksheet choices can be used by teachers, educators, facilitators, therapist and parents with children of all ages.

Each of the 36 Super Power lesson plans are designed as an easy, fun and creative way to teach children the right “Life skillset” and a “Positive Growth Mindset” earlier on in life.

The worksheets have been designed to help children FEEL and acknowledge each Super Power in action which develops awareness to their social and emotional learning.

Super Powers are strengths that all ages can improve on with practise.  Referring to the deck of cards and lesson plans as a weekly or monthly focus helps children to form better habits and grow a healthier self-esteem and self-confidence.

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