Slide HOLIDAY GIFT PACKS The perfect screen free Christmas
presents for Grandparents, Parents
and Carers to share special moments
during the holidays with children!

Slide GREAT VALUE GIFT PACKS! Variations made to suit all your needs Starting at $50! Choose from our 3 most popular resources:
Super Power Card Decks
Mindfulness Colouring Book &
Matching Card Decks

These resources have been created for parents to share special moments with children. The colouring can also provide hours of entertainment & calm in any household.

When you give just 20 minutes of your ‘undivided attention’ to children each day, this fills up their important attention bucket, which proves to grow confidence, self-esteem & family connection.


Mindfulness Colouring Cards with Affirmations

$30.00 $24.00

Mindfulness Colouring Cards with Affirmations

Peace & Positivity for kids and adults


Suitable for ALL ages

Card size (Size 9 x 12.5cm)


This keepsake pretty little box of cards makes the perfect gift and “screen free solution”.  Bring this portable little box of positivity with you where ever you go.   Fits perfectly into hand bags and can be used as your “go to” entertainment tool for your loved ones.




Super Power Affirmation Cards

$30.00 $24.00

Super Power Affirmations Cards

These cards are designed to bring awareness to our qualities that magically come from within!  Better known as our “Super Powers.”

The idea is that when we are aware of our own Super Powers we can choose to tap into them and use them on a daily basis.

Use this card deck as a morning ritual by shuffling the cards then fanning them out face down.   Be open to the one that you have chosen.  This card is highlighting a strength for you to focus on…. and often presents as a gentle reminder of something you needed to hear on that day!   This daily ritual can be used by yourself or as a fun way to start conversations with children.

Warning:  these SUPER POWERS can be contagious!  WHAT YOU GIVE – YOU GENERALLY GET BACK!   When using each power with practice you begin to notice more positive responses around you and attract more abundance into your life.

With Bullying and unkindness impacting so many school children along with the repercussions of social media, these cards will help ignite feelings of confidence, hope, self-belief and gratitude which is proven to increase a healthier self-esteem.

These cards have been created to share special moments with children and can be used to start positive conversations around self-talk & strengths.        Use each card to empower our next mindful generation with the right life skill-set encouraging a “Positive Growth Mindset” earlier on in life.

Card size (Size 9 x 12.5cm) .

Receive a downloadable Growth Mindset Poster FREE!

Your downloadable link will be sent immediately with this purchase.


Super Power Cards (Digital set)

$20.00 $16.00

36 Super Power Cards for you and your loved ones to refer to and practice!

4 Positive Mindset card exercises to promote positive self-talk.

Make sure you check out the boxed cards because these can be placed in lunch boxes or placed in a special place with love. Placing your energy on the cards and shuffling them, fanning them face down to then magically pick one each day with kids is FUN and engaging.

Note:  All digital & downloadable products are final sale.  As you are sent the file automatically upon purchase, no refunds will be issued.


Super Power Cards + Colouring cards (Choose any 2)

$60.00 $50.00

Combine any 2 card decks and save $10.
Please specify at checkout in the NOTES Section: which Card Deck Combination you desire. (2 of one or one of each)

If you want one of each no need to place a note.

40 Super Powers Card Deck –

36 superpowers + 4 growth mindset cards. Each of the 36 superpower cards includes a positive growth mindset language to practice Positive Self-Talk. Suitable for all ages!
Each card starts with I am, I can, I will with a focus around Gratitude, Kindness, Courage, Mindfulness & positivity to name a few.

Super Powers are Strengths that magically come from within. .Shuffle the cards and magically pick one each day, you will find they resonate and serve as a reminder around strengths that often you needed to hear or nurture.

47 Colouring Cards with Affirmations –

A portable mindfulness activity that can also be enjoyed together with adults. The affirmations are created as Positive Life Messages to nurture. Kids love to colour these as gifts!  Parents can also place them in lunch boxes as special reminders to help kids confidence.


The Affirmations Art Poster Gift Pack

$60.00 $40.00

Save $20

Bundle includes:

  • Friendship Affirmation Poster
  • Gratitude Affirmation Poster
  • Creativity Affirmation Poster

Please leave a note at check out if you would prefer to choose a different print  or set from the “Affirmation Poster” section.


The Art Prints Gift Pack

$75.00 $60.00

Save $15

Bundle includes the following 3 x A4 Art Prints:

  • I am beautifully unique
  • I am loved
  • My dreams are coming true

Please leave a note at checkout if you would like to choose a preferred selection within  the “Art Prints” section.


The family connection Gift Pack

$105.00 $75.00

Save $35!

Bundle includes:

  • Colouring cards (boxed)
  • Super power cards (boxed)
  • Mindfulness colouring paperback book (104 pages)
  • FREE Mindfulness colouring ebook (16 pages mini version) (downloadable)
  • FREE 1 print “family rules” (downloadable)



The Happiness & Wellbeing Gift Pack

$95.00 $70.00

Save $25

Bundle includes:

  • Box of Colouring Cards
  • Box of Super Power Cards
  • Mindfulness Colouring With Affirmations Paper Back Book
  • FREE downloadable mini EBOOK  – mindfulness colouring with affirmations  (16 pages)

The school – Growth Mindset Kit

$105.00 $75.00
  • 104 pages of mindfulness colouring with affirmations Paper back book.
  • 47 colouring card deck with affirmations.
  • 40 super power affirmations card deck.
  • 1 FREE Downloadable Growth Mindset Poster set (5 pages)
  • 1 FREE Mindfulness colouring ebook (16 pages mini version) Downloadable.

Value $105

Save $35

Ways to use these cards:

  • Practise the important language of positive self-talk. (A growth mindset)
  • Reconnect and share moments with children. Use all resources as a conversation starter instilling an important life skill set & values.
  • Place a surprise card in lunch boxes or a bedside.
  • use each chosen card as a focus for the day, week month.

Each Super Power card has been designed to nurture a positive mindset & grow confidence, self-worth & self-esteem.  All cards & affirmations are a great conversation starter and a gentle way to point out strengths or nurture weaknesses.

The Colouring cards & book are a great way to reconnect in the present with children.  Sharing moments to get creative, calm the mind & have more constructive conversations whilst in a peaceful state of mind.  Mindfulness & Creativity assists with stress, anxiety & depression.

Claudia Callisto
Owner of Shining Light - Helping Provide Light & Positive Inspiration to others

I absolutely love the “The Little box of Super Power” by kylie johnsonart
These beautifully designed boxed sets of super power cards are simply magical.
Each morning when I randomly select my affirmation card the right message magically appears for me on that day and helps me redefine my mindset in that moment. The practice of daily positive affirmations has allowed me to feel more inspired, energised and at the same time more grounded.
The cards are also visually beautiful in colour and each card has its own unique art work.
These super power affirmation cards are a great daily practice as they have a definite positive impact on our wellbeing and overall health.
I highly recommend this product range for both children and adults.

Jen Uine

We used the super power-deck tonight and it was beautiful. Olivia(6) had two cards fall out for her which were Friendship and Forgiveness and she said “I file like popping because these cards are telling the truth!” She was so excited and was tucked into bed so so happy. Jewel(8) had two cards fall out for her as well which were Confidence and Connection and it brought up some stuff for her and I’m so excited to help her regress and heal from her pains related to these superpowers. Jewel was amazing at articulating what she understood self-esteem to mean and what a growth mindset meant to her. Wish you were to witness it all. THANK YOU for creating such a power house product to share with the world.

You are amazing x We love you! The girls also LOVED the prints and colours, Clearly stoked
xx Jen

Georgina Manning
Founder of Well Being for Kids

Kylie’s Mindfulness colouring book is a beautiful resource for families. It provides a gentle structure for parents and children to join together to experience informal mindfulness together in a fun and positive way. I will definitely be recommending this book and her resources to the families and schools I work with. In a society that is filled with huge amounts of screen time and disconnection from others, this beautiful resource helps to bring parents and children together to connect in a meaningful way, opening up communication and opportunities for meaningful discussion. Most importantly it helps families to have time to ‘just be’, being fully present which gives families time to calm down and rejuvenate.


My daughter and I absolutely love this colouring book you have created. Your creativity, positivity and love is evident in every beautiful illustration and affirmation. It’s such a wonderful resource to bring parents and children closer together and to have some breathing space in this busy world of ours. I think it is so important to encourage our children to be aware of their inner worlds, and to create loving and safe places for them to reflect on their thoughts and emotions. Practicing mindfulness is such a wonderful tool and this unique and inspiring book helps build their self esteem and positive thinking with colour and creativity. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource for me to share with my daughter.