All the lesson plans and wellbeing resources are designed to connect with children and help them to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses to nurture.

“Imagine if children understood from a young age that they all have the same “Super Powers” that magically come from within”!
Empowering children from a young age with important life skills helps them to develop self-worth and self-belief so they can confidentley live out their dreams. 

Super Power Lessons

These lesson plans and resources make the perfect addition to homeschooling and can be used as an “after school activity” or in addition to current wellbeing programs. Some teachers use the lessons as brain breaks from the School curriculum.

Each lesson plan and resource is designed to increase self-awareness + social & emotional learning for all ages.

Both Adults & children can practise a more positive self-talk or otherwise known as a “Growth Mindset” along with embracing a healthy life skills.

The Super Power Lesson plans consist of 13 worksheet choices. Children are asked to do a short visualisation and interactive activity with a family member or buddy. Each worksheet choice brings an opportunity to colour, draw & write about each of the 36 x Super Power strengths. At the same time each worksheet is designed to incorporate a Growth Mindset Language.

It is proven and endorsed by psychologist that any creative activity helps to bring about a peaceful & calm mind. Whilst in this peaceful state of mind children are able to self-reflect and improve their focus & attention skills.


What a beautiful experience to share with my 8yr old daughter and her friends! A safe and supportive space to reconnect with your creativity and yourself in gorgeous surrounds. With Kylie’s guidance we all produced artworks to be proud of and loved the process & a new way to relax !


My daughter had a blast with Kylie at her art class and made some new friends. Beautiful venue and Kylie was so kind, patient and very inviting. My daughter was nervous before we arrived but quickly felt comfortable and out came her full personality. Thank you Kylie for a wonderful experience.


Loved this course, it was totally worth the money & there’s so many great ideas & projects to do with a new module sent every week for the duration of the course, really looked forward to seeing what there was to de next. It is more for families with younger kids but anyone could do it. Best part is being able to do it all in your own time. Would highly recommend especially if you have littlies.

Renee McDonald
Class Artz Academy

As a primary school teacher with over 20 years’ experience, I have found that incorporating mindfulness activities in the classroom has helped to reduce the students’ stress and anxiety, along with improving their concentration and engagement. I recently extended this practice into my art teaching and used Kylie’s SuperPower card deck to help unleash a child’s creative potential. The beautifully illustrated SuperPower cards set the tone of the session, and Kylie’s easy-to-follow prompts helped the students settle into a flow of freedom and curiosity with different art materials. Her entire range of colouring-in books, cards, affirmation prints and complete lesson plans have had a great impact on my students and I’m sure would be a welcomed addition to any teacher’s classroom tool kit.

Karina Davis
Bethany Catholic Primary School Glenmore Park

As a primary school teacher for the past 13 years and currently working in the learning support team these affirmation cards have been a success. The super power concept has been appealing for children and as we know words are quite powerful so the “I am “, “I can” and “I will” statements have promoted the importance of positiveness. These cards can be utilised in many different ways as a focus of the week, or a focus a day or as a quick 5 minute brain break in the classroom. Now putting my mum hat on I have used these cards in my children’s lunch boxes to hopefully uplift their spirits for the day. What a great concept Kylie in trying to help our little minds become more mindful and ultimately have a growth mindset in order to be more resilient.