Creating a positive home schooling environment helps set the scene. If possible choose some peaceful back ground music or nature sounds. There are endless choices found under meditation music. Invite fresh air into your space by the window or outdoors and try to set up in a clean and tidy space away from clutter.

Super Power Lessons

These lesson plans and resources make the perfect addition to homeschooling and can be used as an “after school activity” or in addition to current wellbeing programs. Some teachers use the lessons as brain breaks from the School curriculum.

Each lesson plan and resource is designed to increase self-awareness + social & emotional learning for all ages.

Both Adults & children can practise a more positive self-talk or otherwise known as a “Growth Mindset” along with embracing a healthy life skills.

The Super Power Lesson plans consist of 13 worksheet choices. Children are asked to do a short visualisation and interactive activity with a family member or buddy. Each worksheet choice brings an opportunity to colour, draw & write about each of the 36 x Super Power strengths. At the same time each worksheet is designed to incorporate a Growth Mindset Language.

It is proven and endorsed by psychologist that any creative activity helps to bring about a peaceful & calm mind. Whilst in this peaceful state of mind children are able to self-reflect and improve their focus & attention skills.


Super Power Cards + Colouring cards (Choose any 2)

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Combine any 2 card decks and save $10.
Please specify at checkout in the NOTES Section: which Card Deck Combination you desire. (2 of one or one of each)

If you want one of each no need to place a note.

40 Super Powers Card Deck –

36 superpowers + 4 growth mindset cards. Each of the 36 superpower cards includes a positive growth mindset language to practice Positive Self-Talk. Suitable for all ages!
Each card starts with I am, I can, I will with a focus around Gratitude, Kindness, Courage, Mindfulness & positivity to name a few.

Super Powers are Strengths that magically come from within. Adults and children will all benefit from these cards. When you shuffle them and magically pick one each day, you will find they resonate and serve as a reminder that often you needed to hear. When children pick a card you have an opportunity to praise them around their strengths.

47 Colouring Cards with Affirmations –

The perfect mindfulness activity that can also be enjoyed together with adults. The affirmations are created as Positive Life Messages. Kids love to colour these and place inside cards as special gifts or keep as uplifting messages. Parents can place them in lunch boxes as special reminders to help kids confidence.


The Affirmations Art Poster Gift Pack

$60.00 $40.00

Save $20

Bundle includes:

  • Friendship Affirmation Poster
  • Gratitude Affirmation Poster
  • Creativity Affirmation Poster

Please leave a note at check out if you would prefer to choose a different print  or set from the “Affirmation Poster” section.


The Happiness & Wellbeing Gift Pack

$95.00 $70.00

Save $25

Bundle includes:

  • Box of Colouring Cards
  • Box of Super Power Cards
  • Mindfulness Colouring With Affirmations Paper Back Book
  • FREE downloadable mini EBOOK  – mindfulness colouring with affirmations  (16 pages)

The Home Schooling – Growth Mindset Kit

$105.00 $75.00
  • 104 pages of mindfulness colouring with affirmations Paper back book.
  • 47 colouring card deck with affirmations.
  • 40 super power affirmations card deck.
  • 1 FREE Downloadable Growth Mindset Poster set (5 pages)
  • 1 FREE Mindfulness colouring ebook (16 pages mini version) Downloadable.

Value $105

Save $35

Ways to use these cards:

  • Practise the important language of positive self-talk. (A growth mindset)
  • Reconnect and share moments with children. Use all resources as a conversation starter instilling an important life skill set & values.
  • Place a surprise card in lunch boxes or a bedside.
  • use each chosen card as a focus for the day, week month.

Each Super Power card has been designed to nurture a positive mindset & grow confidence, self-worth & self-esteem.  All cards & affirmations are a great conversation starter and a gentle way to point out strengths or nurture weaknesses.

The Colouring cards & book are a great way to reconnect in the present with children.  Sharing moments to get creative, calm the mind & have more constructive conversations whilst in a peaceful state of mind.  Mindfulness & Creativity assists with stress, anxiety & depression.