Super Power Cards (Digital set)


36 Super Power Cards for you and your loved ones to refer to and practice!

4 Positive Mindset card exercises to promote positive self-talk.

Make sure you check out the boxed cards because these can be placed in lunch boxes or placed in a special place with love. Placing your energy on the cards and shuffling them, fanning them face down to then magically pick one each day with kids is FUN and engaging.

Note:  All digital & downloadable products are final sale.  As you are sent the file automatically upon purchase, no refunds will be issued.


How to use:

  • These digital cards are perfect to keep with you on the go!  If you don’t have your little box of cards in your hand bag you can always bring the digital version out on your phone!    A great pass time for children to read, connect and grow.
  • You can also choose your own super power card each day by scrolling and placing your finger on one to see where you magically land!  This was the message you were meant to hear. screen shot it and place it as your screensaver!  A perfect way to remind us to be more gentle, grateful, mindful, loving, kind, positive… what ever card resonates with you on the day just save it to your screen!
  • Both sets: for maximum benefit place the card somewhere visible for the day and also keep the same card on your screen saver.  This keeps the words of affirmation and super power firmly placed in our minds through out the day!