Super Power Cards + Colouring cards (Choose any 2)


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Combine any 2 card decks and save $10.
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40 Super Powers Card Deck –

36 superpowers + 4 growth mindset cards. Each of the 36 superpower cards includes a positive growth mindset language to practice Positive Self-Talk. Suitable for all ages!
Each card starts with I am, I can, I will with a focus around Gratitude, Kindness, Courage, Mindfulness & positivity to name a few.

Super Powers are Strengths that magically come from within. .Shuffle the cards and magically pick one each day, you will find they resonate and serve as a reminder around strengths that often you needed to hear or nurture.

47 Colouring Cards with Affirmations –

A portable mindfulness activity that can also be enjoyed together with adults. The affirmations are created as Positive Life Messages to nurture. Kids love to colour these as gifts!  Parents can also place them in lunch boxes as special reminders to help kids confidence.

1 review for Super Power Cards + Colouring cards (Choose any 2)

  1. Jade Harrison

    I love using these with my 10 year old daughter each morning. I get a chance to subtly nurture her strengths and praise her. Its a great way to start up conversations around her strengths and nurture her confidence. I also LOVE the message i intuitively pick to help me stay on track. I keep it on my desk each day as a reminder!

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