Connect - Create - Thrive

A six-week creativity and mindfulness online program to disconnect from devices and reconnect as a family

Share special moments – create precious memories.



Over 6 weeks you’ll go from feeling stressed, rushed and disconnected as a family, to becoming a more calm, connected and joyous team, who are ready to thrive.


Disconnect from screen devices and reconnect with your children away from busy routines experiencing more joy, calm and laughter.


Slow down and share special moments together and feel connection through mindfulness creative activities that bring inspiration, a peaceful presence, and calm conversations.


Empower your family with life skills around mindfulness, gratitude and kindness, while using creativity to nurture a positive mindset, self-belief, and confidence.

This program will help with: understanding mindfulness, emotion regulation, introducing meditation, improving self-talk & confidence, learning creative ways to foster gratitude, kindness and manifesting dreams. You will enjoy Learning all these life-skills via FUN creative activities whilst sharing more joy and connection away from screen devices with your family.

6 modules that cover skills like:  mindful breathing, mindful bodies, mindful listening, managing feelings, dealing with negative self-talk and learning a growth mindset language, bringing awareness to the power of gratitude and kindness improving self-worth & happiness.  Build your child’s emotional intelligence and give them important self-regulation skills so they can learn to more effectively manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours whilst manifesting their dreams.

Module 1:


Unlock your inner mindful super powers so you can embrace precious moments and be truly present with your family.

Module 2:


Instantly recognize and replace negative self-talk with positivity so you can attract more good vibes into your life with your family.

Module 3:


Discover the power of kindness to welcome more love, joy, thoughtfulness and creativity into your life.

Module 4:


Become aware of the magic all around you by exercising your Gratitude Super Powers. You will feel present and joyful, and invite more abundance into your life.

Module 5:


Gain clarity and create a clear vision for your dream life that unites and excites your family. Encourage each other to live the life you imagine and deserve.

Module 6:


Recap your super powers and create beautiful affirmation cards to inspire you to use your gifts of joy, mindfulness and gratitude daily.

What you’ll get:  The course contains 6 modules, covering important aspects of mindfulness – sensory awareness, managing emotions, and managing thoughts and behaviours.  Learning life skills to use intentionally on a daily basis in a creative and playful way.

  • 6 x Powerful Life Skills Modules
  • 6 x Creative Connection Activities
  • 4 x Super Power Meditations
  • 6 x Parent Hacks to keeping new habits in place
  • Bonus resources and tips
  • 6 Months exclusive access to the Create. Connect. Thrive.
    Parent support FB Group



During the program your child will explore:

  • How to use their 5 senses to be fully present in the moment
  • Breathing exercises and visualization meditations to feel peaceful and notice their own magical super-powers in action.
  • Learn Creative activities to foster calm, joy, gratitude and kindness in a fun and playful way adopting these learnt practises into their daily routines.
  • How to live more mindfully and notice any negative self-talk or unhelpful thinking.
  • How to manifest dreams and learn tools to increase self-worth, hope and inspiration through vision boards.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • See fewer meltdowns, negative self-talk, low self-esteem, disconnection, arguing, anxiety and screen dependency.
  • Spend more time connecting and enjoying the little moments with your child with a new sacred space away from the daily grind.
  • Spend less time snapping and arguing and more time communicating thoughtfully with your child navigating strong emotions in a more peaceful, calm and present state of mind.
  • Give your children life-skills that will help them succeed an get through life challenges so they can confidently live out their dreams.
  • Create long lasting memories for your child to remember well into their adulthood.

Loved this course, it was totally worth the money & there’s so many great ideas & projects to do with a new module sent every week for the duration of the course, really looked forward to seeing what there was to de next. It is more for families with younger kids but anyone could do it. Best part is being able to do it all in your own time. Would highly recommend especially if you have littlies.

Suzy Green
Founder & CEO, The Positivity Institute/Psychologist

Mindfulness colouring book

Mindfulness is increasingly referred to as the foundation of a flourishing life. Whilst children naturally appear to be more mindful than adults, there are times when a mindful activity for children can provide a breathing space for both children and parents. There’s also increasing scientific support for the use of mindfulness highlighting the significant benefits for both children and adults. Kylie has created a beautiful mindful colouring book with positive affirmations that will encourage children and adults to be more mindful and optimistic and experience an increased sense of calm, which is now more than ever required in our busy lives. My hope is that it will also help families to flourish.

Super Powers and Colouring Cards

We love Kylie Johnson’s beautiful products for children and families. They’re based on the scientific principles of mindfulness and positivity and are great resources for a school explicitly teaching these skills to children or for parents who want to cultivate greater levels of mindfulness, optimism and self-esteem with their children and in their homes.

Judy Hatswell
Educational Psychologist and Training Consultant

A young person with a strong and powerful self-concept is even more important today than it has ever been before. Building the feelings of self worth whilst having fun colouring and repeating affirmations is a unique strategy for parents and child to bond and further develop attachment that is vital for building resilience, risk taking and future success. The mindfulness technique of quietly creating a beautiful visual while constantly seeing the words that have deep meaning enable a calmness in the young person and adult that is so necessary in the busy day to day life. This is just as important for the adult as it is for the child.

As a grandma and great aunty it will be wonderful to have another strategy to have meaningful time with each special young person in a calm relaxed atmosphere. I am grateful to Kylie for developing a resource that I can use to build that important bond with the important young people in my life.

Renee McDonald
Class Artz Academy

As a primary school teacher with over 20 years’ experience, I have found that incorporating mindfulness activities in the classroom has helped to reduce the students’ stress and anxiety, along with improving their concentration and engagement. I recently extended this practice into my art teaching and used Kylie’s SuperPower card deck to help unleash a child’s creative potential. The beautifully illustrated SuperPower cards set the tone of the session, and Kylie’s easy-to-follow prompts helped the students settle into a flow of freedom and curiosity with different art materials. Her entire range of colouring-in books, cards, affirmation prints and complete lesson plans have had a great impact on my students and I’m sure would be a welcomed addition to any teacher’s classroom tool kit.

Andrew Jordan Nance
Founder of Mindful Arts San Francisco

Kylie has created such a lovely gift for the world! What an imaginative and beautiful gift for adults and children to remember the principles of mindfulness. Inviting mindfulness to be fun and playful is a smart way to fully engage all of us, and Kylie has done just that!

Ash Manuel
Creator/Founder at Growing With Gratitude

Mindfulness is a gift. Kylie has created a super fun gift for children and parents to help practise mindfulness. Colouring and affirmations is a perfect combination to allow children and parents to push negative thoughts aside and be in the present moment. It’s easy to imagine a child and parent together enjoying such a calming activity. I also love the fact Gratitude is a key affirming message used within her book. Kylie has provided such a wonderful opportunity with this unique creation.

“My passion is to merge my love of art with positive psychology to create mindset resources for your families wellbeing”

My story:

After my marriage ended and mum passed at the same time life was not as I knew it. I went from having financial security living a blessed life to a stressed and vulnerable single mum. After my 2.5 year old daughter and I moved in with my grieving father, I needed to rediscover my self-worth and confidence and gain the tools I needed to build myself back up again, so I could be the role model my daughter deserved.

After realising what a huge impact creativity and mindfulness had on my healing journey, relieving me from stress and depression. I could also see how it connected my daughter and I in such a calming and loving way. This is why I designed and published my first book included in this program “Mindfulness colouring with affirmations for kids and adults “endorsed by psychologist, so that you can experience the same connectiveness and joy that we have.

I understand what it takes to keep a healthy mindset, and the tools needed to instil self-belief and self-worth. I believe when you ooze gratitude, always be kind and watch your own self-talk, life rewards you!

I combine my latest “Super Power Card deck & colouring book” in this 6 week program, as a way for you to embrace special moments together with your family, connecting through some thoughtful creative outlets.

My mission is to provide tools for you to teach the skills we wished we had growing up! So that your children can grow up to be positive, courageous adults committed to following their dreams.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

You will receive 6 modules ready to access at your own pace.  Each module can be enjoyed weekly after school or on weekends.  You can access your course via your own login sent to you when purchased.  Each week you will download a PDF Exercise sheets and watch some fun videos!

It’s self-paced so it really depends on your availability.  Each module varies in length and most videos last 3-10 mins each.  You could look at it as a once a week fun after school or weekend activity to complete!

A life time!  As long as Kylie Johnson Art is in business you get to keep the course and enjoy any automated updates and improvements.

Each week you’ll receive a suggested Arts & Crafts materials list.  The creative activities are designed to be flexible, so you can be inspired to use your own desired and preferred materials.

An overview of basics and suggestions are as follows:

Posca paint pens, sharpie pens, kindy glitz writing glue, paint brushes: water-colour + acrylic brushes, acrylic flow paints, water colours. Pouring gloss mediums, pebbles, craft boxes/bottles & jars. Elmers glue, Various coloured Cardboard. Oil pastels.

You will enjoy 6 months free membership to share and learn with other like-minded parents and children.

Unfortunately, we do not offer money back purely because this is a digital downloadable course with bonus downloadable resources.   Please do contact within 6 days of purchasing and downloading Module 1 if you have any concerns.